Our New Custom Boat Mattress!

We were delighted to see our new custom boat mattress delivered from the Handcraft Mattress Company (HMC) today! After having the same mattress custom-made for our Lagoon 450 SporTop three years ago, we loved it so much that we had the exact same mattress made for our Bali 5.4 catamaran.

These made-to-measure boat mattresses are manufactured here in Fort Lauderdale, USA (and also in a second factory in California) by HMC which is a family-owned, fourth-generation boat bed manufacturer. Their motto is “design, durability and comfort” and these mattresses are exactly that.

Our HMC Boat Mattress Experience

Even after three years of living aboard and sleeping on the mattress on our Lagoon 450S, when we got ready to sell the boat, the mattress looked new, had no odors, and showed no sagging or dents anywhere. We first saw HMC mattresses at a boat show, decided to give it a try, and we have never looked back. HMC’s service is fantastic and their products are phenomenal.

Each mattress is designed for the marine environment with vinyl marinization on the bottom, sides, and edges of the mattress against the hull to protect it from moisture seeping into the mattress that can cause mold and mildew.

  • All beds can have a fold for easy installation. A custom hinge-fold design option makes it super easy to get inside the boat and to lift it, allowing easy access to storage underneath the bed. We did not need it this time but we did have the fold in our previous boat bed, so we decided to get it again as it is great to have the option.
  • The mattresses are made in the USA and include a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Each mattress is measured and custom-made for each individual bed
  • We chose the Talalay premium plush Latex core which is hypo-allergenic and mildew-proof, even in the most humid marine environments. We never experienced “sweating” under the mattress in three years in the Florida and the Caribbean.
  • We also chose a Gel Memory Foam topper. The memory foam is infused with gel beads that channels heat away from the body, resulting in more uniform comfort in both cool and warm environments. This is especially helpful since both of us like to leave the windows open and not have the air-conditioning on all the time.

The mattress is comfortable, not too firm, and supports the body on all the pressure points. We feel like we are sleeping on a cloud! This mattress is worth every penny we paid for it.

HMC also makes custom sheets, coverlets, and mattress pads. 

Check these guys out. It is a great product!

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