In this section we discuss our favorite stuff...anything marine and a few other neat things that may be useful on a boat. Every item here has been used and tested by us or recommended by friends and other "yachties". Please feel free to submit all of your favorite items for our readers' perusal.

Comics About Not-So-Funny Plastic Pollution

steenland plastic oceans paradiseIf you have followed Catamaran Guru™ over the last couple of years, you will recognize Sarah Steenland's unique comics about living aboard and sailing life in general. Recently, her hilarious, and often more truth than fiction, comics have way more truth and purpose in them.

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Man Overboard Lifesaver Device

man overboard lifesaverWe recently became acquainted with Duncan Wells, boating author and inventor of the MOB Lifesaver. 

The simple, but innovative, device is ingenious so we wanted to share it with our fellow sailing enthusiasts. 

MOB Lifesaver 

The MOB Lifesaver is a spliced loop braided rope made from Dyneema, an incredibly strong polyethylene fiber. The device has a triangle handle in one end and a loop at the other for attaching to the lifting strop of the lifejacket. It may be installed with its pouch to keep the device close to the lifejacket or without the pouch so that the device deploys to float beside the person overboard. 

The Lifesaver's handle is easy to grab with a boat hook. When paired with a Harken retrieval system, the MOB Lifesaver makes bringing a man-overboard safer and less stressful. 

Keep reading to view the video that demonstrates how the MOB Lifesaver is installed and works as well as how using the Harken retrieval system makes retrieval easy even when sailing short-handed.

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A Summer Gift For You from Catamaran Guru™ 

catamaran guru offering a discount on Biion shoesAfter Biion Footwear donated shoes for our Catamaran Guru™ Rendezvous and we had a chance to wear them and fall in love with them, I negotiated a discount available to anyone receiving the Catamaran Guru™ newsletter. My good friend Carlton, yachting photographer extraordinaire and Catamaran Guru™ fan, from YES Yacht Entertainment Studios, generously made these shoes available to us at a whopping $20/pair discount!
I dont often get too excited about boating accessories, but these shoes are awesome and every cruiser who saw me wearing them, loved them and wanted a pair! The ultralight, ultraflexible Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) material that composes each Biion shoe keeps you light on your feet throughout your day.
They are super comfy, very stylish, comes in umpteen varieties and colors and is the ideal boat shoe. You can choose any color or pattern combination, e.g. anchors, flowers, argyle (like mine) and much more. They are super fun and impervious to the seawater.
Follow the instructions below to claim your $20/pair Biion Footwear special discount from Catamaran Guru™.

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DrSails Adhesive

DrSails Adhesive

Dr. Sails Adhesive is a two-component epoxy adhesive especially designed to repair sails. It is ideal for fast, flexible underwater curing and emergency repairs on sails and other boat damage. It has a fast cure time (8 min) and can be applied on wet surfaces. Once cured, Dr. Sails is pliable and remains flexible. The glue can be used on sailcloth, fiberglass, carbon, Kevlar, metal, wood, and neoprene. It's easy to apply with the supplied mixing nozzle.

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The Helicat


The Helicat looks like a helicopter but it is actually just a seafaring catamaran that, for some reason, was fashioned to look like it came out of a James Bond movie. While it won't be taking off to send riders soaring, the boat will let you ride through harsh waters at high speeds while remaining perfectly stable. The Helicat can be outfitted with a pair of 60hp to 90hp motors, allowing it to ride at top speeds of between 20 to 45 mph. VERY cool indeed. 

Calypso Sea Jewelry

elegant Pearl jewelry by calypso sea jewelryCalypso Sea Pearl and Leather Jewelry is made by one of our former sailing school students, Tanya Burnett. Tanya is not only a diving instructor and photographer, but also an incredible artist. She crafts high-end jewelry from natural gems, ethnic beads, and pearls. I absolutely love, love, love her jewelry. Plus, part of the proceeds from Calypso Sea sales supports efforts to reverse the diminishing shark population around the world. Check out her collections!

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