Is Now The Best Time to Buy a Boat?

40 foot catamarans comparisonSo many boat buyers have in the last few months come to us looking for a deal. Smart right? Of course! Nobody wants to pay more than they should. Trouble is, we have NO bargain boats for sale! Why? We have NO inventory! How can that possibly be?

According to NMMA, first-time boat buyers are increasing as Americans are recognizing that boating is one of the safest ways to enjoy time with their loved ones and improve their quality of life and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Money not being spent on vacations and overseas travel is now being spent on a recreational vessel to be enjoyed by their families and friends, be it a small powerboat or an ocean-going sailing yacht.

This time of year is typically a quieter cycle for yacht sales. But that has not been the case this year at all. We have had more inquiries for both new and used boats in the last four months since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, than we have had in a long time.

Yacht brokerage houses and FSBO owners are inundated with inquiries. It is a total buying frenzy! Not only have we had a lot of inquiries, but we have actually sold a record number of catamarans. Any good listing that comes on the market, almost immediately gets snapped up. Currently we are getting an offer on a listing with several more backup offers. With demand like that and frenzied buying, used catamarans in particular, hold their value very well. In some cases, for the more popular owner version models like Lagoon 42 and Lagoon 450 Sportop, the seller can fetch full asking price almost without fail.

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Crewed Charter Business Opportunity

Offset the Cost of the Yacht by Using the New CARRY BACK tax rules!

  • Recover taxes paid in past years to offset the cost of the yacht purchase.
  • Cover all the costs of ownership including the mortgage payments with income and tax advantages – the boat pays for itself!
  • Enhance your lifestyle with owner use of the vessel and enjoy the pride of ownership
  • LAGOON 620's & BALI 5.4's available in this program
  • Virgin Islands and Bahamas locations
  • “Owner Operator” option available for those who want to make a career change and be involved full time

Crewed Charter Sector is Strong & Growing! The majority of the new boats that we sold in the last two years are bigger cats, 48 ft and bigger. They will all be going into our crewed charter program in different parts of the Bahamas and Caribbean. Some of these catamarans are owner operated cats and others have employed professional crew to operate their boats. We have had phenomenal success in this niche area of the industry and our owners in this program are extremely happy.

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Used Boats are Selling & Tips for Buying a Catamaran!

 Used Catamaran Inventory: Despite all the doom and gloom, sales are strongh in our brokerage section! We have picked up a few good buys for our clients lately and we believe there will be more to come. Judging by the last few weeks’ activity on Catamaran Guru™ Brokerage, we think that there will likely be a good number of used boats coming on to the market. There also seem to be a good number of buyers looking for catamarans at good prices.

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Dave & Peggy’s Cruising Adventures During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Peggy & Dave Catamaran Guru™Dave is another “Old Salt” who joined our team at Catamaran Guru™ as a broker. As live-aboard cruisers, Dave and Peggy know what its like to be fully prepared, stocked, and totally self-sufficient. They had planned to be cruising in the Bahamas for four months, but that visit was cut short when the Coronavirus reared its ugly head. Here is what’s been happening with them during the past few weeks since COVID-19 hit.

Peggy and I are currently in Fernandina Beach, en-route to Beaufort, SC. We crossed the Gulfstream from the Abacos, Bahamas two weeks ago to Ft Pierce and spent a week in Vero Beach getting and installing a new alternator. It was a tough decision to leave the Bahamas. We felt safe from the virus as we cruised Eleuthera and then Spanish Wells and the Abacos. All of these places are fairly remote except for the more populated islands like Great Abaco. We had very little, if any chance of getting infected since we were well provisioned for an extended period of time anyway. We only ventured into town periodically for fresh vegetables and diesel.

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Hello from the Water! Social Distancing Onboard Khaleesi

Terry Dena yacht brokerTerry and Dena are part of the awesome Catamaran Guru™ team and live aboard full-time on their Lagoon 450 catamaran, Khaleesi. Terry is an enthusiastic sailor and is the latest member to join our catamaran brokerage team. During this forced social distancing period, they give us an update of what they are up to from their boat in the Florida Keys. 

From time to time, living aboard our boat has SPECIAL advantages. As COVID-19 started rolling in, we untied the lines and set sail. It’s been almost two weeks now and we are alive and well!

We learned long ago how to provision for months at a time. Fresh produce lasts a long time if well prepared and stored and we have plenty of canned fruits and vegetables. I bake bread and treats all the time and always have enough yeast and flour!

Last month we caught these incredible lobsters in the Bahamas. We ate the tails a while ago but saved the rest of them to make lobster broth and bisques, which I did this week.

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