Hello from the Water! Social Distancing Onboard Khaleesi

Terry Dena yacht brokerTerry and Dena are part of the awesome Catamaran Guru™ team and live aboard full-time on their Lagoon 450 catamaran, Khaleesi. Terry is an enthusiastic sailor and is the latest member to join our catamaran brokerage team. During this forced social distancing period, they give us an update of what they are up to from their boat in the Florida Keys. 

From time to time, living aboard our boat has SPECIAL advantages. As COVID-19 started rolling in, we untied the lines and set sail. It’s been almost two weeks now and we are alive and well!

We learned long ago how to provision for months at a time. Fresh produce lasts a long time if well prepared and stored and we have plenty of canned fruits and vegetables. I bake bread and treats all the time and always have enough yeast and flour!

Last month we caught these incredible lobsters in the Bahamas. We ate the tails a while ago but saved the rest of them to make lobster broth and bisques, which I did this week.

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Coping As A Liveaboard Sailor During The Pandemic

Catamaran broker Thea koshmanMost of us who live aboard are used to being independent, self-sufficient and can live "off the grid" for long periods of time. We usually have a good supply of food onboard, have communications, can generate our own electricity, and can make our own water. Catamaran Guru™ team member, Thea Koshman, shares her tips and tricks on how she copes with life and social distancing on her catamaran as a full-time liveaboard during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Steve and I own a 2016 Lagoon 450F and we live aboard full-time. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, we didn’t jump on the panic bandwagon as quickly as most people here in South Florida. Instead we found ourselves visiting unusual grocery stores in search of provisions. See, my husband, Steve, is a chef and I am a foodie so we usually spend time creating delicious food and experimenting with our Ninja air fryer and our Zojurushi bread maker. I absolutely love our Soda Stream. It saves space and money! We decided to make it a fun activity and journey of discovery while we wait this out.

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How to Buy A Yacht

how to buy a yachtIf you choose to be your own yacht trader without a buyer's broker, this checklist links to handy tools that will help you avoid common mistakes. We have worked with thousands of boat buyers and they always are very anxious about all the paperwork and documents required to complete the sale of a yacht. So this checklist can help you be mindful not to miss deadlines and point you in the right directions to do your research.

To make buying a yacht a more pleasant and less risky transaction, we recommend that you have a good team on your side in your yacht broker, yacht surveyor and documentation agent. Similar to real estate sales, sellers pay the commission on a boat sale, so it won't cost you anything extra to have a yacht broker on your side. As a licensed and bonded yacht broker in Florida, we operate under a strict set of legal guidelines and ethical standards, and it's good to have us on your side during a transaction.

If you are an inexperienced boat buyer, you may be better served by having your own yacht broker to do the negotiations. However, if you want to go it alone, here are some guidelines to follow. Also read Boat Buying Tips and Charter Boat Buying Tips.

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How To Choose The Yacht That Will Best Suit Your Needs

Buying TipsNarrow your choices to a short list of boat categories and make a short list of features that you require, features that you would like, and features that you want to stay away from. Once you narrow your category choices down, it’s time to go shopping. Visit a local boat show and board as many boats as you can. Consider all available options. Below are some tips on how to narrow down the choices.

How Will You Use Your Yacht: Define Your Cruising Plans

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Yacht Sales Contracts, Boat Taxes and Duties: Some Basic Tips

Yacht Purchase and sale documents Creating Sales Documents For Catamaran Sales

Whether you buy a brand new catamaran or a used catamaran directly from the owner, the best way to protect both parties is to put the terms of the sale in writing. This will eliminate problems that could later turn a seemingly simple deal into a nightmare. A legal document will clearly list the intentions of the buyer and seller by outlining the obligations of each party, as well as spelling out the obligations and time frame for each party involved.

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