Luxury Charter Company Expanding Bali Fleet

bali 4.6 catamaran forward cockpit sun loungeCatamaran Guru and Dream Caribbean Blue  (DCB), who specializes in crewed charter management, have collaborated in the last two years to provide our Bali Catamaran owners and their charter guests a super luxury experience and superior management. As Such, DCB has become one of our Preferred Crewed Management Company.

Dream Caribbean Blue (DCB) is expanding its fleet and adding another 10 of our Bali Catamarans sold in 2022 for the coming 2023 charter season. Dream Caribbean Blue’s fleet will have 17 Bali sailing catamarans in their fleet, with each yacht holding to a high-end outfit, to create a pampered experience from the moment you step aboard.

As DBC is Bali Catamaran focused, yacht owners are opting to place their yachts within the DCB’s brand of professional management service because they are experts at maintaining the Bali brand and have simplified stocking the necessary tools and parts needed to maintain and keep these yachts running beautifully.


To further enhance the upscale charter amenities provided by DBC, the fleet will be moving its base in the British Virgin Islands to Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina, a luxury resort boasting its own private marina, restaurants, private beach, spa, accommodations ranging from single rooms to entire villas, grocery store and cafe. The partnership will give guests of DCB full access to the resort and will pair well in providing additional options for accommodations prior to or after charter.

Crewed Charter Programs

Catamaran Guru has worked closely with the team at Dream Blue Caribbean to ensure that the Crewed Charter Yacht Programs delivers what we advertise. Yacht owners can lower the cost of ownership substantially and ensure their vessel is well maintained and retain its value at the end of the charter term in the DCB fleet. 

How to Operate a Crewed Charter Business

By learning how to start a boat business, you can capitalize on your passion for boating while getting paid to do it. But before you launch a boat charter business, there are a number of things to consider to get it off to a strong start. Check out our video replay of our crewed yacht webinar with Stephen, Greg (DCB) and two yacht owners.

Offset Yacht Ownership Costs with Bona Fide Tax Advantages and Charter Income!

Most of our catamaran owners place their boats into one of the crewed charter programs. The basic idea is that the boat is operated as a business, which enables the owner to reduce the cost of ownership through the use of available tax advantages and income from charters. It is the most cost-effective way to own a big luxury catamaran!


Our network of vetted catamaran charter brokers have access to the entire market. They possess the specialist knowledge required to book the perfect yacht vacation for you and your friends and family. 

To get in on these exciting deals for a catamaran charter, complete the form indicating your desired charter destinations, dates, and catamaran preferences and we will get back to you with some options and pricing or check out the fleet here>>


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