Sea Voyager 223 Concept Catamaran

sea voyager 233 concept catamaran

The concept superyacht, Sea Voyager 223, is the continuity of Sea Voyager's adventure into its concept of "Born to Be a Wave" embodying the marriage of sailors, the sea, and the ship. The SV223 continues the evolution of concept, contributing to the industry trend to build the “ultimate boat size”. The designers and engineers utilized a new approach to the use of technology, with a desire to create a very large catamaran able of navigate under sail with performance of 18/20nds with the necessary comfort.

The 2-deck SV223 is a daring and immense concept that embraces the pleasure of living in sea, without fear or worry, setting a home for a free spirit with room for plenty of guests.


The 150' Eco Catamaran Concept 

eco catamaran concept design by rene gabrielli, slovakian designerIt is rare that ecological and sexy coincide, but that is exactly what you get with René Gabriellié Gabrielli's Eco Catamaran concept design. You must check out the video later in this article to really see the possibilities of this über-luxurious yacht. 

The Slovak designer applied the best of wind and solar energy including energy storage to this massive, aerodynamic 150' multihull design. The innovation, while awe-inspiring, has merit in its ability to satisfy energy consumption needs of propulsion and household activities without the need for petroleum fuels for travel or electrical connection when docked. But clean energy is only where this concept begins. 

Unique style and design concepts make this catamaran concept one to hope gets brought to life. Telescoping sails are cleverly hidden within the construction of the boat when not in use and upon command rise to catch the wind. An opulent swimming pool with two decks is the focal point of the central zone of the yacht. Aft sundecks at the stern provide more entertaining and lounging space for this ultimate party boat. 

BlackCat Superyacht Concept Design

blackcat 50 metre concept catamaranWhen you see the unexpected concept catamaran designs of the BlackCat that are all about luxurious relaxation and perennial entertainment, you think, who thought of that?! It’s almost surprising that Mitch Booth (the Australian sailor who won his first sailing championship at 7, the Americas Cup and Olympic veteran, and yachtsman of the year on multiple occasions) could be at the creative center of the BlackCat superyacht built for lingering and lounging. His love of speed and performance is evident only in the sleek styling of this enigmatic floating refuge of creature comfort...and the fact that this behemoth is estimated to still be able to reach up to 30 knots..

Teaming with Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design on the dramatic BlackCat designs, Mr. Booth has proven that a salty dog can learn (or teach) new tricks.

Don't miss the video of this catamaran concept later in this article.

Sunreef ONE FIFTY Concept Catamaran

150 sunreef power concept catamaran

ONE FIFTY by Sunreef Yachts is a concept motor catamaran that, if built today, would be the largest catamaran in the world. 

Sunreef Yachts was one of the first catamaran manufacturers to embrace the superyacht phenomenon that has overtaken and continues to influence the catamaran market. Building on its experience and success with the innovative 2013 90 Sunreef Power and 2014 115 Sunreef Power projects, its latest design is a concept catamaran with an undeniably sporty streamlined style, the 150 Sunreef Power.

The ONE FIFTY is a concept catamaran that is conspicuously minimalistic, yet opulent. Its sleek hulls and streamlined deckhouse create a futuristic aspect. In fact, the full-beam deckhouse being nearly invisible is what creates the avant garde and aerodynamic appearance. The deckhouse spans the entire beam which not only makes for a head-turning design, but also creates another level of living, entertaining, and working space. Having an additional level of spaces adds tremendous flexibility to how the boat’s interior is utilized and enjoyed.

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