BlackCat Concept Catamaran

BlackCat Superyacht Concept Design

blackcat 50 metre concept catamaranWhen you see the unexpected concept catamaran designs of the BlackCat that are all about luxurious relaxation and perennial entertainment, you think, who thought of that?! It’s almost surprising that Mitch Booth (the Australian sailor who won his first sailing championship at 7, the Americas Cup and Olympic veteran, and yachtsman of the year on multiple occasions) could be at the creative center of the BlackCat superyacht built for lingering and lounging. His love of speed and performance is evident only in the sleek styling of this enigmatic floating refuge of creature comfort…and the fact that this behemoth is estimated to still be able to reach up to 30 knots..

Teaming with Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design on the dramatic BlackCat designs, Mr. Booth has proven that a salty dog can learn (or teach) new tricks.

Don’t miss the video of this catamaran concept later in this article.

BlackCat Concept Design Is About Open Outdoor Spaces

blackcat catamaran concept features an expansive unobstructed main deckAs superyachts swell to provide more living and entertaining space, the 50-metre BlackCat concept offers a fresh take with wider outdoor expanses, penthouse design aesthetics, and opulent amenities.

An expansive, unobstructed main deck with protective, yet panoramic glass canopy extends far wider than any conventional yacht in this range. The layout is all about flexibility which is necessary making any future build easy to meet a lucky owner’s specifications.

Since this catamaran concept was built for relaxation rather than racing, the designers included two waterline platforms that fold downward like wings when the yacht is at anchor offering more area for sunning, lounging, and fun and games. And the extended platforms offers closer, easier ladderless access to the water, see the schematic at right that indicates placement of the platforms on either side of the forward hulls.

blackcat concept catamaran interior living spaceThe BlackCat concept catamaran has one drawback if you expect enormous interior living spaces. The hulls, unlike other structures and features of this eye-catching design are not larger than traditional designs. The living space is ample, especially because the catamaran requires less crew. So, perhaps your sailing grounds are important if you are considering a BlackCat. Cruising the Caribbean or other temperate climes is the perfect place to have the focus on extra deck space over protected interior spaces.

Cruising Locale May Affect Choice of the BlackCat

m67 6carrousel blackcat extended deck anchorageAnother feature of this concept catamaran that makes it perfect for the Caribbean is its shallow draft. These luxury yachts skim the water at high speed allowing easy, safe entrance into many more potential harbors. The shallow draft makes it easier on the captain when navigating islands and on guests who more often can enjoy access to the islands without tenders.

The BlackCat’s broad design enhances one of the most appealing aspects of a catamaran: it reduces the rocking and rolling out on the open water. The increase stability makes for fewer queasy landlubber guests and even for veteran sailors who can get a better night’s sleep.

Comfort and relaxation comes even at high speeds, with a heel angle of just 4 degrees compared to the usual 24. This is good news since the estimated cruising speed is between 25 and 30 knots.

Building the BlackCat Will Make History

Whomever commissions the first build can boast owning the world’s largest single-structure carbon fiber yacht. While breathing life into this beast will be risky having no direct design comparisons or chance of a test run, studying the designs and considering the possibilities turns your heart to believing it is worth the risk.

Raising sail on this catamaran will surely change the superyacht market. As they steadily increase in length (and breadth) each year, passion and yearning for bigger, better, and more beautiful also multiply. The BlackCat concept catamaran is certainly a design that could easily satisfy.

See more stunning ideas and images of the BlackCat superyacht concept. And check out the video at right. 



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