Sea Voyager 223 Concept Catamaran

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The concept superyacht, Sea Voyager 223, is the continuity of Sea Voyager’s adventure into its concept of “Born to Be a Wave” embodying the marriage of sailors, the sea, and the ship. The SV223 continues the evolution of concept, contributing to the industry trend to build the “ultimate boat size”. The designers and engineers utilized a new approach to the use of technology, with a desire to create a very large catamaran able of navigate under sail with performance of 18/20nds with the necessary comfort.

The 2-deck SV223 is a daring and immense concept that embraces the pleasure of living in sea, without fear or worry, setting a home for a free spirit with room for plenty of guests.

SV223 Level 1

  • Dedicated to everyday, but not “common” living given the dimensions that are worthy of “ultimate” size:
  • Lounge/Night bar of 120m²
  • Reception room of 240m²
  • A huge space for the owner to decide how to utilize for dining, entertaining, and relaxation.

SV223 Level 2

  • A “Owner’s Cabin” suite of 100m² accessible by private elevator access with a king size bed and a desk. The suite includes a fully-equipped bathroom, dressing
    room, and a private 50m² terrace and an outdoor walkway.
  • A beach deck near the pilot post including a beach bar.
  • Space for landing a small helicopter

In the Hulls

  • 4-6 cabins for guests
  • Galley that no chef will complain about
  • Storage capable of supporting round-the-world travel
  • Water sports equipment garages

Learn more at the Sea Voyager website.

Sea Voyager 223 Concept Design Renderings

sea voyager 223 concept catamaran front view with sails up sea voyager 223 concept catamaran, sv223, decks provide expansive interior and outdoor living spaces
sv223 concept catamaran front view sv223 side view

SV223 General Specifications

  • Length overall – 68m – 223’
  • Waterline length – 66,00m – 220’
  • Beam – 28.50m – 93’5”
  • Water draught – 5.90m/2.20m
  • Air draught – 64m – 210’
  • Main mast – 60m – 196’8”
  • Mizzein mast – 54m – 177’”1
  • Sail Area – 1662m² – 17889sq ft
    (main sail+staysail)
  • Deck – 766m²-8245sq ft
  • Owner cabin – 100m² – 1076sq ft
  • Lounges/diners/beach – 590m² -6350sq ft
  • Maneuver space – 90m² – 968sq fr
  • Displacement (Lightship) – estimate 350 to 500tons
  • Speed range – 15t o 20 / Knots
  • Engines – Power – 2×1200/1500 kW
  • Fuel capacity – 2X74000L
  • Water capacity – 2X14000L
  • Designer – Jerome VOLLET
  • Architecture – Duchatelet design
  • Study office – ESY Concept
  • Construcion – Standard version:
    • Hull – Alumium
    • Deck – Composite
    • Mast – Alumium
  • Construcion – High
    • Hull – Carbon fiber
    • Deck – Carbon fiber
    • Mast – Carbon fiber

Want to Build A Concept Catamaran?

Whether your dream is to build this or another concept catamaran or a custom version of a catamaran model on the market today, work with us. As brokers, we have your interests in mind and our experience as catamaran builders gives us the upper hand in negotiations.

* Renderings courtesy Sea Voyger 


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