The Top Ten Tips For Selling A Catamaran

Just like a house, a catamaran needs some “sprucing up” before putting her on the market to get the best possible price. As we all know, first impressions are crucial and you should make every effort to make sure that the catamaran looks and smells clean, make sure that all electronics and engines are working well for seatrial and it should be easily accessible and all paperwork should be in order.

Don’t do unnecessary “upgrades” before selling because not all upgrades will be a good return on investment. Find yourself a qualified and vetted broker and most importantly, price your boat realistically if you are looking for a quick sale. Also go to our Boat Buying Guide & Tips for more tips like pre- survey checklist for yachts, sales and use tax, and reasons to list your boat with us.

Most Cost-Effective Fixes For Selling Your Catamaran

  • Repair exterior elements that are seen first. Varnish wood, clean rust marks and black streak marks and clean stainless as needed. “First impressions are everything”.
  • Remove or cover stained and dirty cushions
  • Clean the deck regularly. If necessary get a service to make sure the decks and windows are cleaned regularly or when showings are scheduled.
  • Paint the boat’s bottom if applicable. Keep it clean with a professional in-water bottom cleaning service.
  • Tidy up dock lines, sheets, halyards and all deck gear.
  • Give the catamaran a thorough cleaning from stem to stern. Clean up the bilges. They should be dry, clean and odor-free.
  • dinghy of a 2000 Lagoon 380 for sale in Beaufort, South CarolinaMake sure the heads are spotless with no mildew or mold and odors.
  • Check for leaks and consider repairing, specially around the windows.
  • Remove or hide personal items that make it difficult for potential buyers to imagine their own stuff in your catamaran. “Kill the clutter.”
  • Clean out cluttered lockers to allow easy access to ALL lockers.
  • REMOVE any inventory not intended to be sold with the boat.
  • Repair any holes in the bulkheads left behind by pictures that were removed.
  • southwestern-decorated guest cabin in a 2011 lagoon 500 for sale in red hook st thomas us virgin islandsCheck and repair inoperative equipment. There is no greater disappointment to a buyer than to find that a piece of onboard equipment is not in working order.
  • If it is an expensive repair related to mechanical issues (rebuild engines or generator) then consider reducing price and fully disclosing the defect in advance. It’s best to fully disclose all defects in advance and explain that the asking price has been lowered to cover remedy of the defects. It would be good to get a quote in advance to help both yourself and the buyer
  • If dinghy is stored onboard the cat, position it so it drains properly and does not inhibit looking into lockers and seeing other areas buyers will want to inspect.
  • Empty the fuel in the outboard if the catamaran will be standing unused for a long time.

The likelihood of receiving favorable offers increases when your yacht is exposed to more of the marketplace. The following items are essential to quickly selling your catamaran for the best price

  • Dock your catamaran as close as possible to your listing broker’s office or it is near an active yacht marketplace2010 Lagoon 620 for sale in Hollywood FL 2010 Lagoon 620[/caption](like Fort Lauderdale).
  • 70% of the time, the typical buyer does NOT buy the catamaran he initially called the broker about. Many buyers are indecisive or don’t know enough to make an educated decision and are open to be influenced by an experienced broker they trust. If you have made the boat easy-to-show, the brokers will show it more often.
  • Consider a combination lock on your boat instead of a keyed lock. Keys are a nightmare for brokers, specially when the boat is shown after hours or on weekends. Boats that are easy-to-show get shown 4 times as much. So, make it easy! Make sure your broker has the combination to the lock or keys.
  • Make sure that they have easy access at any time (after hours or weekends) to show your catamaran, specially if the boat is docked behind a private residence. Many showings are “last-minute” and it’s not under his or her total control when the boat will be shown.
  • Ask your broker for a valuation report showing what comparable catamaran prices in the market is and price it accordingly. It is crucial that you price the catamaran right. If your cat is not priced competitively in the market it will sell last.
  • Work with a broker whose firm is a specialist in the type of yacht you have for sale. A power specialist will not be the best person to give you advise about sailboats and vice versa.
  • Make sure that your paperwork is in order, duties are paid, dinghy title is available.

Want to Sell your catamaran?

We help you achieve a timely and successful sale!

Our team is ready to do a valuation of your catamaran and discuss a marketing strategy to sell your boat fast! We will guide you through the process and carry the sale to completion. We are very good at what we do; we do the showings, the negotiation, coordinate surveys, finance, insurance and possibly refitting services. We help reduce your risks by facilitating the sale of your catamaran. Read our “Tips To Help Make Your Catamaran Sell Fast”


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