Charter Boat Checklist

charter boat checklistGoing through a detailed checklist for your charter boat is probably not at the top of your vacation plans. But for a safe and enjoyable bareboat charter, it is a must. Arriving at your charter base is an exciting moment. But before you get carried away with your vacation plans, use this checklist to ensure that all equipment is onboard, in working order, and that you and your crewmembers understand how each system works.

If you have additional items you think will help others at the start of a charter, please e-mail us, so we can add it to our charter boat checklist.

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What To Pack For A Charter

Have you ever seen charter newbies showing up at the dock with hard suitcases, only to find out there is nowhere to store them on the boat? Very often, simply because you did not know, or because you are a first timer, you really do not have the right stuff. Here is your guide of what to bring and not to bring on charter.

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Choose Your Charter Yacht

Choosing a boat implies a choice of layout and size. It is a little easier than choosing a charter area, but not much more. But hey! That's what the fun is all about: preparation and anticipation! Your boat selection will depend on the number of people in your party, your budget, your and your crew's sailing skills, and your comfort level tolerance.

Note: This article deals only with choosing a bareboat.

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Choose Your Charter Type

Here are all the choices of sailboat charters you will find. We will tell you which one fits best your requirements and sailing skills. You will also read about budgeting your cruise.

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Charter Booking Tips And Getting The Best Possible Deal

bbCatamaran Guru™ has put together some information on how to navigate the charter booking process. The main objective is for you to have fun on your dream yachting vacation however, to make it as smooth as possible there are some important things to consider when making The booking. We have been on both the "charter yacht owner" and "charter operator" side of things so we understand the pitfalls.

Hopefully this will help you understand the process better to make intelligent decisions and not leave anything to chance.

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