Tips To Get The Best From Your Crewed Yacht Charter Experience

lagoon catamaran crewed yacht charterWe had the wonderful pleasure of sailing a luxurious fully crewed (captain, chef, and first mate or sometimes called the steward) Lagoon 62 in Sint Maarten this summer. Stephen and I were invited by the prospective new owners to test the sailing ability of the boat as well as grading the total experience. (Ask us about the amazing 8% guaranteed income program on crewed yachts in the DYC fleet).

As you know, we like to sail our own boat so we went into this "luxury experience" somewhat skeptically. We wondered if we would enjoy sitting back, sunning ourselves and letting someone else sail the boat while being handed cocktails and served meals by an elegant stewardess, white gloves and all! At the end of the trip the answer was a resounding YES! We loved it!

When we arrived in St Martin, we were itching to hop on board the Lagoon 62 and go cruising. Without going into too much detail about the itinerary, St. Barths, and Anguilla were high on the priority list and we stopped in both places for some shore time, beach bars, and fabulous French cooking.

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