Yacht Charterer's Guide To DIY Fixes

Bareboat Charterers can fix issues aboard before calling the charter mechanicThings You Can Do Before Calling The Charter Mechanic

Let's face it, things go wrong on boats and charter boats are no exception. You may charter a bareboat in perfect working order from the charter company, but eventually something may go wrong. Things like errant alarms, a waterpump running non-stop, or an outboard engine cutting out suddenly can make your holiday very unpleasant for all on board. More often than not, these seemingly "huge problems" are really minor issues that, with just a little know-how and a bit of effort, can be fixed in no time. Not only will the charter mechanics love you for not wasting their time with trivial adjustments, but it will save you and your crew time and discomfort. As a certified charter captain, you should be able to do minor repairs, but there is no way to have all the knowledge and experience to cover every matter than can arise while on board. Charter Advisors put together a "Fix It" list of common problems with yachts and how to troubleshoot and repair them. There is usually a simple solution! Below is an excerpt from the article Charter Advisors website. They have some great advice and reviews to help you make a good choice of bareboat and charter company.

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Boat Charter With Kids: Can I, Should I?

Kids on charter boatsOur yacht owners' kids are featured in the May issue of All At Sea Magazine. Danny and Jensen enjoy sailing aboard their Fountaine Pajot Salina 48, St Vivien, chartered in the Bahamas, while Max enjoys the ride with his family. The new owners of a Jeanneau 379, Big Sky, chartered in Annapolis, MD. Both catamaran owners are using the Yacht as a Business Program to help pay for their yachts.

One of the most frequently asked questions, even from seasoned charterers or charter boat owners, is, "Can I or should I bring the kids on a charter cruise?" Well, my unequivocal answer is a resounding, "YES!" (for any child over 3 years old). But there are many misconceptions about bringing kids along on a charter.

My son first came on our boat when he was 3 1/2. I could tell instantly he would be comfortable and that he would enjoy himself tremendously. He had this wonderful instinct all kids that age have, moving about the right way with a sure foot, properly climbing up and down the companionway, etc. And because he has a curious mind, he immediately started exploring all the corners of the boat. My son has since been on our boat on countless one-week charters and he now, as a young man, really loves and respects sailing and the marine environment.

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Crewed Yacht Charters Myths & FAQ

 relax in water on your crewed yacht charterWhat is a crewed yacht charter?

A crewed yacht charter is a boat that is offered to the public for use as usually all-inclusive sailing vacations where all meals, beverages, and boat-based activities are at no additional charge. A crewed yacht charter includes a captain and chef who often provide other services such as concierge, storyteller, bartender, and whatever it takes to make your vacation amazing. On larger boats, you will have more crewmembers. Partially crewed yacht charters are available in the industry such as a skippered or captained yacht charter where you do the cooking and often provisioning yourself, but you have a captain to steer and maintain the boat. 

Each stateroom usually has its own complete bathroom (head), usually with shower, no tub. Water toys are available, but which ones will depend on the boat you charter so ask in advance if you are interested in a particular activity such as wind board, kayak, snorkeling, SCUBA, fishing, tubing, etc. Usual amenities include A/C, generator, watermaker, and often TV/DVDs, cellular communication, and internet. Check with your yacht charter broker for features that interest you.

For veteran sailors, the captain is responsible for the boat. So, she or he will have the last word on any decisions about the boat.

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Saving Money on Your Yacht Charter

save money sailing vacationSailing vacations cost less than most people think, but they are ways to save on yacht charters. Here are tips and advice from charter management companies and avid yacht charterers. Whether your are a sailor yourself looking fo-r a bareboat charter or a landlubber with an interest in sailing looking for a great deal on a charter yacht vacation, these tips will help you navigate the many decisions you make to get the best deals on a sailing vacation.

Save Before Booking Your Yacht Charter

The decisions you make about where, when, and the yacht charter company you book with affect the pricing drastically. Here's how to ask the right questions and explore the right cruising grounds for your sailing vacation.

The Cruising Grounds

Where you will charter your boat is usually the first thing you decide. The key factors in this decision when the focus is to get the biggest bang for your buck is going to be the yacht charter company and the airline because those will be your 2 biggest expenses for your cruising vacation.

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Briefing Your Charter Yacht Crew

seaschool 3 003You've just arrived at your charter base and boarded your boat for an eagerly awaited bareboat cruise with close friends. If you have sailed with the same friends before, your crew is probably ready and waiting with little instruction and few reminders.

But if it is a first time with you or they are not sailors, you must to do a full briefing for the safety of the crew and the boat. Below is a checklist to help you organize a briefing with your crew for a safe, fun trip.

TIP: Print this and give it to your future crewmembers a few days before leaving so they can begin understanding what to expect. 

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