Compare The Most Popular 50ft Production Sailing Catamarans

McConaghy S49We seem to be getting more requests for large sailing catamarans. The more popular sailing catamarans in the 50ft range are Lagoon 52, Outremer 51, Leopard 48, Nautitech 542, McConaghy S49 and Fountaine Pajot Saba 50.

The chart below compares the specifications and prices with some of the positives and negatives of each catamaran. Some of the designs are huge in volume as well as have lots of entertainment areas inside and out while others are more performance oriented with much less interior volume and others are more pricey. We would love to hear your comments. .

2022 UPDATE: You will still find some great information below regarding 50ft-range catamarans, especially if you are in the market to buy one. But lots has happened in the range especially in the Performance Cruising Catamarans category since this post was written a few years ago. In addition to reading this article, be sure to read:

Lagoon 52
Design Year 2013
Length 15.84m
Beam 8.6m
Draft 1.5m
Weight 25.5t
Sail Area 170m2
Engines 2×54 hp
Price 656,800 Euro

BASE PRICE-no options

Positives Huge boat/quality finishes/various layout options/great entertainment areas
Negatives Weight/high windage/high boom/mast in middle of saloon
 Lagoon 52 layout
Outremer 51 
Design Year 2009
Length 14.98m
Beam 7.45m
Draft 0.9-2.35m
Weight 10t
Sail Area 126m2
Engines 2×40 hp
Price 620,000 Euro

Ex Factory

Positives Performance boat/some customization
Negatives Very small living areas/Price/Older design
 Outremer 51
Leopard 48
Design Year 2012
Length 14.75m
Beam 7.64m
Draft 1.4m
Weight 14.46t
Sail Area 90.8m2
Engines 2×39 hp
Price 429,000 Euro-EX South Africa FACTORY-no options
Positives Lowest Price/Forward Cockpit/great charter boat
Negatives Charter boat/quality/ no customization
Nautitech 542
Design Year 2012
Length 16.00m
Beam 8.5m
Draft 1.55m
Weight 15t
Sail Area 143m2
Engines 2×75 hp
Price 920,490 Euro


Positives Performance Boat/Some customization
Negatives Price/small living areas/unprotected helm
McConaghy S49
Design Year 2014
Length 14.95m
Beam 7.88m
Draft 0.65m
Weight 12.04t
Sail Area 130.25m2
Engines 2x 50 hp
Price 730,770 Euro


Positives Performance boat/spacious interior/express offshore cruiser/top quality finishes
Negatives New Model TBD
 S49 Interior layout
Saba 50
Design Year 2014
Length 14.98m
Beam 7.98m
Draft 1.2m
Weight 15.7t
Sail Area 141m2
Engines 2×55 hp
Price 593,000 Euro

BASE PRICE – no options

Positives Huge living areas/fwd and upper lounge/Price/good power to weight ratio
Negatives New model TBD
 Saba 50


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