Catana Ocean Class 50 Review

We bought a Catana OC 50 - The review

We have just acquired a Catana Ocean Class 50 and we will take possession of the boat in September at the Cannes Yachting festival. We are beyond excited to embark on this journey of discovering the “virtues” of a performance cruising catamaran! We invite you to join us there to do a private walk-through of the boat during the show!

After a hiatus for some time to focus on the hugely successful Bali range, Catana has just released their Catana OC 50 performance cruiser that has the industry abuzz, including ourselves. This is not a super-fast performance boat like a an ORC50 or a TS but it offers a beautiful balance between performance and comfort that will no doubt be popular with the cruising community. The boat is light and strong, thanks to decades of experience in “carbon infusion” at Catana.

The new bulkhead helm station that is raised mid-position is a complete departure from their previous aft-helm positions and in our opinion, is a game changer! The open plan design which affords  spacious interior volume sets Catana apart from most other performance cruisers. This boat represents a perfect balance of performance, comfort and value that is quite unique in this market.

We have purchased hull #1 which is an owners version, fully equipped with generator, air-conditioning, American size fridge / freezer, additional fridges, Solar, Lithium batteries, full suite of sails including Code Zero and Spinnaker. Watch the video here where we discuss the design features and construction of the Catana OC 50.

Characteristics of the Catana Ocean Class 50

Catana started building catamarans in 1984 and is now based in Canet en Roussillon, France. With the help of legendary Australian multihull designer Lock Crowther early on, Catana became the world leaders in fast performance cruising catamarans. Many famous designers like Barreau (Marsaudon) have contributed to their reputation and their focus on producing fast, comfortable ocean crossers over the years. This iconic brand has produced some of the most talked about performance cats during their 30+ year history.

  • Carbon Infusion Technology: Catana is a world specialist in fast cruising catamarans, designed for long distance cruising and continues to be unique in that it builds boats using an advanced Carbon-Infusion process. The deck and bulkheads are carbon and the hulls are foam core with vinylester resin infusion and added carbon in high stress areas. The furniture is built in foam-cored sandwich, which further reduces weight.
  • Performance: The OC 50 has a large sail plan and so, even being a heavier boat, she will sail to windspeed. This catamaran should sail very well on all points of sail according to the Sail Area/ Displacement ratios of the boat. The boat is very responsive and accelerates quickly in small gusts of wind. Read our article Performance Catamaran Comparisons here>>
  • Affordability – The boat is very competitively priced. Comparatively the Catana OC 50 is at a price point that is affordable for cruising couples. 
  • Helm Position: The OC 50 has a bulkhead helm station (starboard) that is raised mid-position. This is a departure from Catana’s previous aft-helm positions and is a game-changer in our opinion. Not only is the visibility from the helm to all 4 corners good, but all the lines also run back to the helm. A sliding window opens fully to connect the raised helm station on the starboard side with the interior living space
catana ocean class 50 catamaran cockpit and helm
  • Bridgedeck Clearance: The boat has a high freeboard and an almost 3-foot clearance which will make this boat a quiet ride even in big seas. This boat sits high in the water, which will help to power through big waves. Bridgedeck clearance on a catamaran invites a wide difference of opinion among sailors. But what we all agree on is that good clearance is very important for the seaworthiness and comfort of a catamaran.
catana ocean class 50 catamaran bows
  • Daggerboards: Ease of handling of the daggerboards is a big consideration for us. On the Catana they are push button controlled with a flat winder and can easily be lowered or retracted. A daggerboarded cat will sail consistently higher into the wind than a cat with keels.   It will also sail faster, on average, than a catamaran with fixed keels.
catana ocean class 50 catamaran daggerboards
  • Interior: The interior sets Catana apart from most performance cruisers. The open plan design maximizes the living space on one level and ensures ample interior spaces and comfort for live aboard couples. The salon is extremely spacious with two seating areas, an L-shaped galley, big forward facing nav station and sliding aft doors. The owners cabin is spacious with semi walk around bed, huge bathroom, lots of storage and washer / dryer. Simply put, this boat has more interior space than any other performance cat in this size range.


Length                         14.99 m/ 49.18ft
LOA                             15.75/51.67ft
Max Beam                   7,83 m/ 25,69 ft
Draft, boards up          1,17 m/ 3,83 ft
Draft, boards down     2,49 m/ 8.16 ft
Light Displacement     31,164 lbs.
Full Load                      41,844 lbs.
Power                          2 x 57hp
Mast Clearance           23 m / 75.45 ft

Fridges                        267 L / 9.43 cu ft
Freezers                      98 L / 3.46 cu ft
Mainsail                      90 m² / 969 sq ft
Genoa                         64 m² / 689 sq ft
Solent                          50 m² / 538 sq ft
Gennaker                    130 m² / 1,400 sq ft
Code 0                         105 m² / 1,130 sq ft
Fresh Water                211 Gal
Fuel                               211 Gal 

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Catamaran Guru, through its sister company, Ocean Multihulls, has been appointed the exclusive agent for Catana Catamarans in the USA. Contact us directly for specifications, pricing, and a concierge-level buying experience.

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Seaschool winching

Our sailing school facility in Fort Lauderdale will start training on the Catana OC 50 with certified RYA instructors in March 2023. Contact us for information about our school dates and pricing.

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Join us as we meet our new performance cruiser, the Catana OC50, in Cannes during the Yachting festival! If you are interested in this model, we will do a private tour with you and discuss specifications and price with you while enjoying a French Champagne!


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