Compare The Most Popular 45ft Production Sailing Catamarans

45 ft Sailing Catamarans

At the 2014 boat shows, the 45ft range is the most popular catamarans right now. There are four production models on the market that seem to accommodate most families’ preferences. However, our clients have a hard time making a choice between them.

These sailing catamarans, even though similar in length, are different in significant ways, not only in look and styling but sail to power ratios, volume, and comfort. So, we have done a price and specifications comparison of the four most popular sailing catamaran models in the 45ft range, Bali 4.5, Helia 44, Lagoon 450, and Leopard 44.

This information below, should give catamaran buyers a clearer view of how these sailing catamarans compare. We have similarly spec’d out each of the four catamaran models and the price includes delivery to the US. The hot buttons for this type and size of catamarans are the forward cockpit, “sky-lounge” or sundeck, flush deck from aft cockpit to inside saloon area and aft cockpit extension. Based on this and the most important specifications, like displacement, sail area, length, etc., we made the chart below to get a good comparison of each catamaran’s features.

Bali 4.5 Catamaran by the Catana Group: 535,325 Euro  |  Lagoon 450 Catamaran: 502,474 Euro  

Helia 44 by Fountaine Pajot: 515,940 Euro  |  Leopard 44 by Robertson & Caine: 448,262 Euro

*Based on 2014 Pricing

*Price Similarly Equipped 535,325 Euro 515,940 Euro 502,474 Euro 448,262 Euro
Length 44.88ft 43.5ft 45.10ft 42.7ft
Beam 24.48ft 24.3ft 25.9ft 23.9ft
Draft 4ft 3.80ft 4.3ft 4.2ft
Displacement 11.6t 10.8t 15.5t 12.62t
Sail Area 151m2 115m2 134m2 123m2
Engines standard / Upgrade 40hp and 50hp 40hp and 55hp 40hp and 55hp 29hp and 39hp
Fuel Capacity 211 gal 124.2 gal 264 gal 185 gal
Water Capacity 211 gal 198 gal 185 gal 206 gal
Self tacking Jib Yes No No No
Water maker 200 liter/h 60 liter/h or 180 liter/h 100 liter/h 63 liter/h
Refrigeration Capacity 615 liter 190 + 90=280 liter 130+110=240 liter 212 liter
Up/Down Window 2 0 0 0
Sliding Door 2 2 2 Hinged door
Deck Hatches 6 10 10 8
Hull Hatches 14 2 6 6
Forward Cockpit Yes -10people No No Yes -5 people
Aft Flush Cockpit Yes No No Yes
Aft Cockpit Extension Yes No NO No
Fwd. Sundeck & Bimini Yes No No No
Sun Bed Capacity 10 people 4 people 3 people No
Stern Cockpit Table 8 people 8 people 6 people 6 people
Forward Cockpit Table 8 people No No 4 people

*These prices are estimates only and should be negotiated with each independent dealer OR catamaran buyers can consult with Catamaran Guru to negotiate on their behalf.

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4 thoughts on “Compare The Most Popular 45ft Production Sailing Catamarans”

  1. How are the Power to Weight ratios calculated? These numbers don’t look right. For the Helia, for example, the sail area is 115m^2, whereas displacement is 10.5t. 115/10.5 = 10.95 (not 91). In all of my calculations, the FPs have better power to weight than lagoon or leopard.

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