Bali 4.5 Catamarans

Bali 4.5 catamaran

bali 4.5 cockpit

Bali 4.5 Catamaran



  • Designer : Olivier Poncin
  • Architect: Xavier Faÿ
  • Interior design: Couëdel Yacht Design
  • Length, overall (LOA): 44 ft 7 in / 13,60m
  • Length, waterline: 42 ft 8 in / 13 m
  • Maximum beam: 24 ft 4 in / 7,42 m
  • Draft: 4 ft / 1,22 m
  • Light displacement: 11 t
  • Maximum displacement: 16.5 t 
  • Engines: 2 x 40 to 60 HP, saildrive
  • Fuel: 800 l
  • Fresh water: 800 l
  • Black water: 2 x 60 l
  • Refrigerator + Freezer: 615 l
  • EC approval: Cat. A 12 persons

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Bali 4.5 Catamaran Model

The BALI 4.5 by Catana was launched at the Cannes Boat Show 2014 with much fanfare. Catana has combined speed with luxury to create a unique and revolutionary cruising catamaran in the BALI 4.5. With the arrival of the new BALI Catamarans, the Catana Group is now positioning itself as a front-row player in the cruising catamaran market.

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Charter Programs & Tax Programs

Catamarans have become so popular in the last 15 years that the demand far outweighs the supply. This is both good and bad. Catamarans retain their value far better and for far longer than monohulls because we just don’t have enough of them. The bad thing is that new catamarans are becoming more and more expensive. We therefor are constantly trying to find ways to reduce the cost of ownership for our clients. Learn about our charter yacht management programs and business yacht ownership programs. The Bali 4.5 is available in these programs.

Demonstration Of The Bali 4.5 Interior Accommodations and Deck Layout

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Bali Layout

bali 4.5 with 3 cabin configuration

Bali 4.5 3-Cabin Version

bali 4.5 cockpit nacelle

Bali 4.5 Deck Layout


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