Featured Yacht: Catana Ocean Class 50

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Designing the Catana 50 was a real challenge: how to deliver the comfort and lifestyle expected from a top-of-the-range catamaran and, at the same time, enhance the acclaimed bluewater character and performance of her predecessors?

Well, it seems that Catana has done just that! I am super impressed! I never really liked the Catana because of the interior. It always seemed very utilitarian and somewhat dated to me…definitely a guy’s boat.

With the OC50, Catana created a beautiful, inviting interior. The interior design by Linea Concept offers a choice of two interior schemes: a modern look with Wenge floors, light oak paneling, brushed aluminum trims and Alcantara® sofa, or the classic refined scheme combining timber finishes and leather upholstery. Love it!

That’s not where it ends though. The boat’s performance was not compromised at all. The Catana 50 features double transverse bulkheads in the leading edge of the nacelle and a composite forward beam integrally molded with the hulls and deck: stiff structures, resistant to fatigue and noiseless, compared to more flexible yachts. With its streamlined hulls, underwater bulbs, tulip-shaped bows and retractable daggerboards, the Catana 50 continues Catana’s reputation for stability, safety, and performance.

The well-sheltered, large cockpit offers comfort as well as easier and safer maneuvering. The new integral forward beam brings greater integrity and stiffness to the structure and the rig.

All around a great boat.

catana 50 galleycatana 50 cockpitcatana 50 salooncatana 50 cabin


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