Catana Ocean Class 50 Catamaran

Catana Ocean Class performance catamaran
catana ocean class 50 catamaran saloon open to cockpit

Catana Ocean Class 50

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Designer: Olivier Poncin
  • Interior designer: CATANA Shipyard
  • Hull length: 14,99 m/ 49 ft 2 in
  • Overall length: 15,75 m / 51 ft 8 in
  • Maximum beam: 7,83 m / 25 ft 8 in
  • Draft, boards up: 1,17 m / 3 ft 10 in
  • Draft, boards down: 2,49 m / 8 ft 3 in
  • Light displacement: 14.5 T / 19.5 t
  • Engines: 2 x 45cv/HP or 57cv/HP
  • Fresh water: 800 L
  • Fuel: 800 L
  • Refrigerator: 267L and 98L freezer
  • EC approval: pending

Construction & Design of Catana 50 OC

After a hiatus for a few years to focus on the Bali range, Catana released the Catana OC 50 in 2022 that has the industry abuzz including ourselves. Its new bulkhead helm station, the open plan design, the comfort, interior spaciousness, and the affordability convinced us to take the leap and buy one. In this video we discuss the design, build, and construction of the Catana OC 50.

Catana catamaran Performance Characteristics

In this video we do a review and discuss the characteristics of the Catana OC 50: i.e Carbon Infusion Technology, Performance, Affordability, Helm Position, Bridgedeck Clearance, Daggerboards and Interior. Read more here>>

Also read about about the performance comparisons of some of the most popular performance cats Catana OC 50, HH 50 OC, HH 50 Performance, Balance 482, and Outremer 51. Read More>>

360 Degree Tour


The culmination of two years of research by Catana naval architects and design teams, the Catana Ocean Class sets standards for luxury and exception in blue-water performance catamaran cruising.

She is as light as she is strong, thanks to the mastery of “carbon infusion” technology now used on all Catana boats. Her new hulls and daggerboards have been the subject of hydrodynamic studies and really puts into context the pleasure of sailing at wind-speed, in absolute comfort and total safety.


In this video we discuss the goals we had when we bought this boat and how they stacked up. We all want to sail fast but comfort is a BIG factor and if we can achieve both at the same time, we have a winner. We wanted to be able to handle a wide range of conditions without a lot of effort and stress, and we want to get to our destination quickly and efficiently. Did we achieve this on the Catana 50 Ocean Class? Let’s take a look>>

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