Couple Quits Jobs to Start a Crewed Charter Business

bvi crewed charter business' cruisenautic logo Adventurous Couple, Kate and Cyrus Start a Crewed BVI Yacht Charter Business

We interviewed Kate and Cyrus of CruiseNautic, two of our recent yacht buyers. After taking ownership in France of their 2019 Lagoon 42, they will sail to their crewed charter destination in the BVI.

Kate’s background is in the arts covering design, cuisine, and music. She’s rocked the Minneapolis music scene with a variety of top artists, her guitar and mic are always on hand for emergency entertainment relief. Cyrus has a background in engineering and woodworking and is an expert at planning the perfect adventure. He can also bake up a dangerously delicious pie. They each hold a USCG Masters License.

cruisenautic kate cyrus yacht buyers 386x240CG: Give Us A Little Background On Yourselves

Hailing from the Great Lakes of Minnesota, we met over a love of adventure. Our first big adventure together was the Bob Marshall Wilderness Open, a 100-mile trek fashioned after the Alaskan Wilderness Classic. We moved on to years of expeditions together, canyoneering favorite Utah hideouts, whitewater paddling, 4-wheeling, and mountain biking. Looking to explore further, we went from sailing the Great Lakes on our monohull to sailing the Gulf via a 48’ catamaran. We were hooked.

CG: Why Did You Decide To Buy A Catamaran And Do Crewed Charter?

After years of increasing our time away from daily work to seek adventure, we were searching for a way to unite our careers with our passion for the outdoors. Our love for the water and the infinite horizons it offers (as well as binging on sailing vlogs), sent us into a thorough hunt for just-the-right sailing career. We wanted to do more than sail to exotic destinations, we wanted to plan amazing expeditions to share with others in search of a new adventure. All of this came together in landing on the decision to run a crewed charter, uniting our love for food, entertainment, and adventure.

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CG: Was Choosing A Catamaran Hard?

We are both obsessive researchers, there is really never a down moment when we have our sights on something. From the second we were hooked on the possibility of sailing the globe, we started researching blue-water vessels of every kind. When we found the Lagoon 42 it was love at first sight.
We went to the Annapolis Boat Show to explore several options. but the winner was clear. The Lagoon 42 offers a fantastic cockpit for people to gather alongside the salon and galley, a variety of lounging areas, huge sugar scoops for dipping your toes, large staterooms filled with light, and, let’s not forget, those extra-sexy soft lines.

cruisenautic adventures 386x240CG: Why did you choose Catamaran Guru to represent you in the purchase of the catamaran?

We selected Catamaran Guru as they had experience helping people purchase just the right boat for charter as well as the ability to help us transition into the charter business.

CG: What has your experience been of the buying process?

Catamaran Guru helped us get on the fast track to buying our cat. We spoke to them last fall and they invited us to the Annapolis Boat Show where we were able to review all our options in one place. At the show, we also discussed fine tuning our selection for charter. Purchasing a catamaran during the huge influx of boat orders placed after the 2017 Caribbean hurricane devastation has been a very good practice in patience. After wading through many tough decisions, our patience brought us big rewards with our new Lagoon 42.

CG: How can you score a great deal on a sailing adventure with CruiseNautic?

We are offering up to 15% off charters booked by October 31, 2018. Visit for the details.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and our our blog, The Life CruiseNautic, for the latest news and future promotions.

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