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Buying a catamaran is a big decision, whether for liveaboard, charter management or setting your boat up as a business. Buyers are often not educated about catamarans and the image of the “dream” boat sometimes overwhelms good reason. That’s why we present you with this opportunity to get an in-depth look at the pros and cons of catamaran ownership.

We take the drama out of ownership and make you an educated consumer. During our 2-day, 2 night live-aboard seminar you will not only enjoy the lifestyle but learn one-on-one, everything you need to know about catamarans in general as well as the entire buying process.

This will help you make an informed decision, avoid costly mistakes, plan your exit strategy and get the most enjoyment from owning your yacht.

Live-Aboard Catamaran Ownership Seminar On Our Lagoon 450S Will Include

  • Your own private en-suite cabin, fully catered-2 days / 2 nights  on the Chesapeake, one of the most beautiful cruising locations in the U.S.
  • Tips on how to choose the right catamaran: New vs Pre-Owned
  • How to offset the cost of ownership: Boat as a Business, Charter Management and other options like Fractional Ownership
  • Lessons on boat ownership, the entire buying process, catamaran insurance, boat financing, flagging & registry
  • Exit Strategy: Buy right make this part of a comprehensive retirement strategy
  • Operation of a catamaran and catamaran safety
  • Catamaran Guru hats and shirts and access to community events like rallies and regattas

Leave The Seminar An Educated And Informed Buyer!

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Seminar Locations & Dates

We kick the 2016 season off from Port Annapolis Marina, just a few miles from historic downtown Annapolis. This is a great opportunity to see cruising yachts in the sailing capital of the U.S. and enjoy the best the Chesapeake has to offer!





Due to high demand, we will host a 1-DAY condensed version of the same seminar in the following venues:


NEW PORT, RI: Friday, September 16th & Saturday 17th, 2016 – NEW PORT INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW VENUE


What Will You Learn?

Detailed Itinerary: Buyers Education Seminar

This is an active participation seminar. Attendees are expected to help with the operation of the boat, meal prep and generally be an active part of the crew. The boat is outfitted with modern electronic and communication technology, as well as different sail configurations and fully geared up for ocean crossings. See full specifications here>>

Friday afternoon / evening: Arrive Friday afternoon/evening for sleep aboard. Welcome briefing, orientation of the boat and accommodations. Cocktails onboard and dinner ashore.

08h00 – Breakfast and coffee onboard – attendees to help with the preparation

09h30 – “Get to know you” introductions and discussion on what your “dream” boat or perfect boat would be.
10h00 – Walk-through of the catamaran and discuss systems, deck layout, sail handling, etc.

10h45 – Discussion:

  • Brands of catamarans
  • Ideal Size and Layout for cruising and live aboard
  • Construction methods and performance characteristics
  • Desirable features and equipment – critical and non-critical
  • General discussion

12h45 – Lunch
13h45 – Discussion:

  • Choice of boat – Pros and Cons of new and used boats
  • How to search for and identify the right boat – NEW Boats
  • Specifications and equipment exhibit
  • Price option sheet for new boat
  • Price negotiation
  • 10 Basic steps for the buying process
  • How to search for and identify the right boat – Pre-Owned


    • Choice of broker /dealer
    • Making an offer and how to negotiate
    • Purchase and Sale agreement
    • Choosing surveyor and setting up the survey
    • Analyzing the survey and dealing with deficiencies/commissioning
    • Acceptance of vessel
    • Conditional and Final acceptance
    • 14h45 – Sailing-Leave dock and go for a short sail, allow all attendees to steer and operate the boat and systems. General discussion about navigation and short handed sailing as a couple
  • 17h45 – Find anchorage or mooring for the night
  • Discuss properties of a good anchorage and anchoring
  • Dinghy choice and operation

18h00 – Cocktail hour

  • Discussion on cooking, food preparation and general live aboard techniques
  • Evening BBQ
  • General discussion

20h00 – End of day one, stay at anchor for the night or marina if so desired

O8h00 – Breakfast onboard
09h00 – Discussion

  • How to finance the boat
    • Credit Application and required documents
  • How to document and flag the boat
  • How to insure the boat

10h00 – Ownership options and offsetting the cost of ownership

  • Private ownership – live aboard
  • Charter Ownership – Guaranteed income
  • Active ownership for Tax advantages
  • Crewed charter service
  • General discussion

12h00 – Lunch
13h00 – Personal plan and strategy for purchasing the of yacht of choice
15h00 – Leave anchorage and sail back to Marina
16h00 – End of Seminar

Where Will You Stay?

You will live onboard with us for the two days on our personal 2016 Lagoon 450SporTop, in one of the two en-suite cabins. It is a 3 Cabin Layout, outfitted for bluewater sailing and long term cruising. 

Specs & Layout

What Is The Seminar Cost?

For an all inclusive price of $1,400/couple including accommodations, meals and Catamaran Guru swag bag, you get a full action packed weekend and be armed with the knowledge to buy the right catamaran that will suit you and your family. This includes:

  • Your own private en-suite cabin, fully catered-2 days / 2 nights on the Chesapeake, one of the most beautiful cruising locations in the U.S.
  • Operation of a catamaran & catamaran safety
  • Tips on how to choose the right catamaran: New vs Pre-Owned
  • How to offset the cost of ownership: Boat as a Business, Charter Management and other options like Fractional Ownership
  • Lessons on boat ownership, the entire buying process, catamaran insurance, boat financing, flagging & registry
  • Exit Strategy: Buy right make this part of a comprehensive retirement strategy
  • Catamaran Guru hats and shirts & access to community events like rallies and regattas

*If you do decide to buy a boat with our help, we will refund a portion of the cost.

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Catamaran Seminar Testimonials

bruce hollyBruce & Holly from Connecticut: “Thank you Estelle and Stephen for an outstanding weekend of education, delicious food and great company. Although we arrived skeptical but open minded about the program, the clear and realistic explanation about the pros and cons of performance charter yacht ownership persuades us of the feasibility of doing it. The quality of the construction and finish to your boat Zuri convinced us of the value in a Lagoon 450s even though you both went to great lengths to present an unbiased review of the currently new and used catamarans in the marketplace. The easy conversations with you both and our weekend shipmates, made the evenings fly by even as most (but not all) of us agreed that the future is “going to be great”. Thank you again for the extensive resources you included with the weekend. Bruce & Holly


Jack & Reenie from Florida: We just want to write a quick note to thank you for a fantastic weekend at your Catamaran Ownership Seminar. Your warm, friendly atmosphere on board allowed us to relax with the other couple and thoroughly enjoy ourselves. The wine and meals were delicious and the preparation together was fun. Most importantly, we now have the support we need to move forward with our plans. Stephen was very Catamaran Sailing & Buyers seminarshonest and helpful regarding his suggestions for our boat options and we look forward to working with him soon. The material presented was comprehensive and the books we took home with us offer a wealth of information. We left feeling we had made new friends and look forward to seeing them again. It’s going to be great! Thanks, Jack and Reenie

Glenn & Kat from North Carolina: As a couple who have become interested in sailing later in life, we cannot recommend Stephen and Estelle Cockcroft’s Catamaran Ownership Seminar more highly. If you have not been around large catamaran sailboats all your life, the business of yacht purchase and ownership is a virtual black box made even more so by the few numbers of units bought and sold in a given year.

Stephen and Estelle graciously host workshop attendees on their beautiful Lagoon 450 and proceed to illuminate all aspects of the “business” while tailoring their lessons to the individual desires of the attendees. They cover the full gamut of topics including boat selection, ownership options, provisioning, financing and purchase while demonstrating the systems and capabilities on their own yacht and serving up non-stop gourmet meals and a healthy dose of the cruising lifestyle.

The materials they provide during the course are quantitative, comprehensive and followed up with any requested information like the recent asking and selling prices of desired catamaran models. Estelle and Stephen are the consummate professionals, great story tellers, fantastic hosts, accomplished sailors and sincere about helping others obtain the catamaran of their dreams. Try them you’ll like it.

Adam and Lee, Santa Monica CA: “We are looking to buy a bluewater catamaran and really needed to get a hands on sense of managing and living aboard a cruising cat. While researching charters, we came across and spoke with Stephen and Estelle. It was quickly apparent that their depth of knowledge and experience owning, cruising, and living aboard would offer better education and exposure than any standard charter could. We took their weekend catamaran intensive and felt it was an extremely valuable (and fun) experience that helped refine our plan and also established a long-term relationship with open, friendly, trusted advisors.”

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2 thoughts on “Catamaran Ownership Seminar Schedule”

  1. We enjoyed your site and information provided. We live in Ponte Vedra, FL and are wondering if you have any ownership seminars available in Florida before you take the boat up north. Looking forward to hearing from you. Jack and Reenie Harper

  2. I have enjoyed reading about your catamaran ownership seminar. My partner and I have chartered crewed catamarans in the BVI many times. One of our main hobbies is scuba diving and enjoyed being able to add sailing to our dive vacations.

    We have wondered about owning a catamaran. Particularly after retirement. While retirement is at least 10 years away, learning more about catamaran ownership is intriguing.

    I don’t think we can meet the dates for the seminar in June or July. So I am interested in any other dates you have scheduled. We live in Florida, so dates down here would be ideal.

    Cindy Sanborn

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