Matthew Joubert, RYA Sailing Instructor

matthew joubert. catamaran guru rya sailing instructor with photo of bali 4.3

Matthew Joubert / RYA Sailing Instructor

Matthew is keenly fitness-focused which helps him stay ready to explore the world through sailing, backpacking, SCUBA, fishing, and water sports of all kinds. His early career as a dive master led him to sailing when he found himself on a delivery from South Africa to Fort Lauderdale. Soon he was working aboard crewed charter yachts. Working his way up from dive master/spear-fishing guide to first mate and captain, he gained invaluable practical sailing experience and earned RYA Instructor Certification.
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Email:  |  PH: 912-508-8284

Sailing Career Highlights

  • RYA Yacht Master Offshore
  • RYA Cruising Instructor Tender maneuvering
  • STCW’ 95 Instructing
  • RYA Power Boat Level ll Basic carpentry
  • RYA Personal Watercraft Instructor
  • PADI Dive Master Management

More About Matthew

His Testimonials are Amazing

...this from a few seaschools...

Catamaran Guru Sailing Academy seaschool student testimonials for Matt Joubert in our Hollywood Beach, FL, seaschool aboard our Bali 4.2, Akani:

  • Excellent instruction. Matt kept us on task and taught very well. I feel much more confident in handling the boat and sailing. — L. Macey
  • Great experience. Training in combination with theory class work has prepared me to safely get the experience I need to be a competent skipper. The instruction and boat were great. Very pleased with Catamaran Guru. — B. Malone
  • Matt did a great job of keeping us calm and provided excellent leanring atmosphere. He gave a lot of time for responsibility of yacht duties. When it mattered the most, in quite severe weather, he remained professional and calm enabling us to not panic. Great job! — M. Ward
  • Matt was extremely knowledgeable, had exemplary technical skill, and he was super nice and personable! We feel prepared as we start on our nautical journey with Bali and Catamaran Guru! Oh, and about the provisions: loved the lobster and boerewors (South African sausage)! — K. Ward

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  • Matt is a natural teacher and his experience and knowledge are apparent. He was very patient and professional throughout the course. His warmth and genuine personality were welcoming. I will recommend Matt and Cat Guru to friends and intend to have future dealings with both! — J. Yolton
  • Matt has a calm demeanor, taking time to explain each topic. As a complete novice with no knowledge of boating or sailing, he taught effectively without making me feel dumb or uncomfortable. I feel very confident in the skills he taught. Absolutely stellar instructor and captain. So lucky to have worked with Matt. — B. Yolton