Bali 5.4 Catamaran: Unrivaled Space & Comfort

Take a quick tour of our Bali 5.4 catamaran, Zuri 3. We have now lived aboard for about six months, have sailed just over 7,000NM and have acted as "mothership" and party central for our fans, family and friends! The consensus amongst everyone who sailed with us or even just visited for a short while, is that this boat beats every other catamaran in this size range, hands down for space and comfort! AND she's not a bad performer either! We made record time across the Atlantic on our way home from France back to America! Check out the video here:

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Bali Catamaran Solid Foredeck: Great Feature or Bad Idea?

For the last five or six years we have been told by interested Bali catamaran buyers that various “experts” including salespeople and dealers, have rumored that solid foredecks on cruising catamarans are dangerous, slam excessively, are unstable, and more. Some of these "experts" have gone so far as to publish shock-and-awe pictures such as a Ford F150 truck on the front of the boat to illustrate how much weight a solid foredeck adds on the front of the boat – obviously a very bad thing for catamarans.

Now that we have crossed the Atlantic in a Bali 5.4 experiencing a wide variety of sea conditions, we want to share our real world experience with the solid foredeck. 

The Verdict: We loved it! We have now sailed 6,112 nautical miles on our Bali 5.4 from Europe, across the Atlantic, the Caribbean, and on to Florida. During this extensive sail under almost every weather condition, we never, at any time, had problems with the solid foredeck. To the contrary, we enjoyed the space while underway. It was one of the most loved spaces to hang out for all eight of our crew members! (Check out the video at left to find out why we loved it so much)!

After experiencing this solid foredeck first-hand, we feel that these uninformed opinions of "experts" do a great disservice to the boat-buying public. Instead of being objective and selling to the strengths and merits of each type or design of cruising catamaran, people criticizing the solid foredeck design try to scare buyers into buying their catamaran brand instead! Click on the link below to read more about our first-hand solid foredeck experience.

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Bali 5.4 Fundamentals: Our New Cruising Catamaran

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We Investigate The CONTROVERSIAL Bali Design Concepts

We bought a new Bali 5.4 Catamaran and will take possession in October 2019! Exciting news, right? Some people are a little perplexed, especially since everybody knows that we love our current catamaran, a Lagoon 450S. It is, in our opinion one of the best sailing catamarans in this size range for live aboard. So, why change?

When we first looked at buying a new catamaran three years ago to place in a Yacht Business Program, we had three competitors in our size and price range; the Lagoon 450S, FP Helia 44 and Bali 4.5. Each had good and not so great qualities but we ultimately settled on the Lagoon 450S. It ticked a lot of the boxes for us at the time and for three years we lived and worked aboard Zuri, sailed 6000 NM, visited exotic locations like Cuba, raced in several regattas, and hosted two catamaran rendezvous events in the Bahamas from her. We had a great time and loved traveling while working on Zuri.

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Walkthrough Video of Bali 5.4 Catamaran 

Catamaran Guru™'s Top Pick for 2018!

Estelle of Catamaran Guru™ and Boris Compagnon, Sales Director of Catana Group, give you a walk-through of the Bali 5.4.

If you can experience it yourself, we highly recommend it. Connect with us to discover the best opportunity to get you aboard this amazing multihull. Now that we own one ourself, we can easily arrange a tour for you. Check out our Yacht Buyer Seminars & Events to see if we are near you soon or contact us to arrange your own personal Bali 5.4 tour.

Arrange a Bali 5.4 Tour

While you are eagerly awaiting your turn to board a 5.4, see these additional resources:


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Tour of The NEW Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42

The new FP Astréa 42 is the much anticipated model in the Fountaine Pajot range and it has all the great features of the hugely popular Saona 47

It is a very good looking catamaran with the typical new Fountaine Pajot features like the semi-flybridge with easy access to the boom, an electric dinghy platform, coffee table, and deep comfortable seating in the salon and cockpit. 

It looks like it will be another hit from Fountaine Pajot catamaran builders! Click "Read More" below to see the brochure, specifications, and layouts.

Also check out our 42ft catamaran comparisons >>

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