Bali 4.5 Catamaran Review

Catana Group has significantly updated their catamaran models in recent years. To mark its 30th anniversary, Catana added a range of cruising catamarans, BALI. We already know that the Bali 4.5 is a good-looking catamaran, but we are curious about its sailing ability and performance. We will do the first test sails after its debut in the USA at the Miami Boat Show in February 2015 but until then, Multihulls World Magazine has done their FULL REVIEW in Europe.

Go to BALI 4.5 Specifications and Slideshow for more images>>

Here are a few of the plusses and some minuses from their review:


+ Plusses

  • Serious and solidly built
  • Seaworthy in heavy weather
  • Good performance
  • Efficient natural ventilation
  • Innovative living areas
  • Good bridgedeck clearance
– Minusses

  • Inefficient clutches
  • Helm station bimini not transparent
  • Instrument console is massive
  • Prototype sails could be improved
  • Door latch required for fridge


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