Sunreef 80 Eco: Luxury Electric Catamaran

sunreef 80 eco luxury catamaran with sails up

Expected out Summer 2021, the Sunreef 80 Eco is the latest electric catamaran to turn heads, not just for the promise of greener sailing, but for it stunningly sleek good looks with futuristic styling.

Sunreef’s pitch for this wonder is that it will be “the world’s most advanced sustainable luxury catamaran” combining leading-edge technology, reliability, amenities of large yachts, and high-end finishes.

Multiple energy technologies

Sunreef’s own designers and engineers have creatively addressed the concept turned reality of silent eco cruising. The 80-foot vessel can harvest the power of the sun and, while under sail, the power of the water rushing under, as well as using wind for more than filling its sails:

  • The photovoltaic system’s design utilizes a total area of 1600 square feet of the lightest solar cells available. The cells are integrated through the exterior of the catamaran including the hull sides, bimini, mast, and superstructure capable of generating up to 34 kWp of solar power stored in custom-engineered lithium batteries.
  • Hydro-generation is used while under sail to harness energy from the propellers’ rotation to power the engines and onboard appliances. The propellers can generate 15+ kWh while sailing at about 7 knots.
  • The wind generators operate in the lightest of winds up to powerful storms to keep the boat’s battery banks charged.

Using multiple technologies to solve the puzzle of energy for propulsion and other cruising and safety needs is smart and certainly the way that low-carbon emissions vessels will continue to develop. Read more about how we have used multi-pronged approaches to our own sailing and the past, present, and future of electric catamarans. Also, take a look at at Silent Yachts’ solar-powered catamaran that has been out since 2019.

These ample and highly renewable stores of energy make it possible to ditch diesel fumes and annoying generator noise for sea air and sounds of nature. With these emission-free sources for propulsion and operating creature comforts like refrigeration, air conditioning, auto-pilot, and communications, lucky Sunreef 80 Eco owners can cruise a boundary-free range in luxury while returning sailing to the ecological activity it once was before the invention of diesel marine engines.


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