NEW Catamaran Haulout Facility In Annapolis!

NEW Catamaran Haulout Facility In Annapolis!

HauloutLast year, we spent a wonderful summer in Port Annapolis Marina, on board Zuri, our 45ft catamaran (read our article – Chesapeake Bay Cruising At Its Best). The marina, overlooking Back Creek, is a picturesque waterfront facility and is conveniently close to downtown Annapolis. It is in every way a first class facility and really is the ideal setting for all boaters. The only problem with mooring a catamaran in Annapolis is the lack of a good haulout facility.

As catamarans become more and more popular everywhere, facilities are scrambling to accommodate their needs. In the Chesapeake, the closest lift big enough to haul out catamarans was in Pasadena, a two-hour trek north towards Baltimore. The Pasadena facility is top-notch, but it is a major time sink to sail catamarans so far out of the way for a quick haulout! We have long awaited infrastructure changes in the Chesapeake marinas to accommodate catamarans.

That is exactly what the management at Port Annapolis Marina did. Vice President, Scott Tinkler, very astutely invested in a 75-ton travel lift, big enough to accommodate catamarans up to a 26ft wide beam. The “humongous” travel lift is now operating and the haulout slip was widened for catamarans. Zuri, our Prout 45, was the first catamaran to be hauled out this season for a bottom cleaning and fresh coat of anti-fouling. It is so convenient. We encourage all catamaran owners in the area to support Port Annapolis Marina. You will not be sorry!

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