Mint Your Trippy Sailor NFT!

Cat Guru & TSAC Travel Club Colab

On February 14th we announced a collaboration with Trippy Sailors Adventure Club at the Miami boat show.

TSAC is an innovative NFT collection with travel utility and together our two companies aim to promote and educate about the world of sailing and open access to high-end exclusive sailing trips through NFT gated experiences.

Read the press release here>>.

Trippy Sailors: NFT's that encourage travel!

Through our collaboration, TSAC offers sailing trips to Trippy Sailors NFT holders, where they will get to enjoy a state-of-the-art crewed catamaran and sail around the British Virgin Islands and The Bahamas. The minting of Trippy Sailor NFTs happens on the Ethereum blockchain and each NFT is priced at  $420 on regular sale, with a discount for early birds. Once the mint is complete, Trippy Sailors Adventure Club will be conducting weekly contests and random selections of sailing trips winners. To join the Trippy Sailors Adventure Club visit All 5555 NFTs in the collection need to be minted to unlock this milestone. Start minting! 

Stay tuned for our interview with the Trippy Sailors creators next week when they will explain all the do’s and dont’s of NFT’s and just exactly how you can become part of this exciting new travel trend!


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