Catamaran Guru and Trippy Sailors Adventure Club Launch NFT Collection with Sailing Perks for Members

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 15 – Miami, FL Catamaran Guru, the number one go-to company for catamaran owners with a global sailing community, announced today a collaboration with Trippy Sailors Adventure Club, an innovative NFT collection with travel utility. The two companies aim to promote and educate about the world of sailing and open access to high-end exclusive sailing trips through NFT gated experiences.

This year, global brands like Starbucks, Alo Yoga, Amazon and more are expanding the utility of NFTs beyond digital art to areas such as ownership verification, memberships, ticketing and metaverse implementations. Although the initial hype around NFTs has decreased in recent months, it is estimated that the global non-fungible token market size will reach $211.72 billion by 2030, and according to Euronews Travel Trend report they are bound to break into the global travel industry this year.

Catamaran Guru has multiple crewed yachts operating successfully in charter business programs in locations around the world. The company has built its reputation and industry connections over 30 years in the business, helping hundreds of successful yachting businesses and individuals create and operate their vessels while building a strong community amongst sailors.

“We recognize that there is a generational change happening in travel and we want to remain engaged and in tune with modern trends and innovation. This collaboration puts our industry front and center of a huge new audience. It is a tremendous opportunity to cultivate a new generation of sailors and adventure seekers and it opens up a completely new market for the yachting industry”, said Estelle Cockcroft, founder of Catamaran Guru.

An NFT-gated adventure club with real-life sailing perks

Trippy Sailors Adventure Club (TSAC) is a community centered around the love for travel, adventures and sailing. By owning at least one of the 5555 Trippy Sailor NFTs, members get to connect with like-minded individuals, form travel groups, and a chance to access the exclusive world of sailing. Through the collaboration with Catamaran Guru, TSAC will offer hundreds of sailing trips to Trippy Sailors NFT holders, where they will get to enjoy a state-of-the-art crewed catamaran and sail around the British Virgin Islands and The Bahamas. 

“At Trippy Sailors we have a passion for Web3 technologies and want to keep innovating the NFT space by exploring tangible utility that we can offer to this community. Through our collaboration with Catamaran Guru we’re opening access to the exclusive world of sailing, with sailing trips, educational workshops, discounts for travel experiences and an online community of adventure lovers”, said Karla Vilhelem, cofounder of Trippy Sailors Adventure Club.  

The minting of Trippy Sailor NFTs happens on the Ethereum blockchain and each NFT is priced at  $420 on regular sale, with a discount for early birds. Pre-sale spots for the collection are set to go live during the Miami Boat Show on February 15. Once the mint is complete, Trippy Sailors Adventure Club will be conducting weekly contests and random selections of sailing trips winners. Each winning NFT holder will get access to their own cabin, can bring a plus one and will enjoy a high-end catamaran such as the Bali 4.8 crewed by a captain and a chef.

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About Trippy Sailors Adventure Club

The Trippy Sailors Adventure Club was created by Market Waves, a marketing collective encompassing of experienced Web3 marketers, developers and industry advisors who have built successful communities like Bitcoin Bay, CryptoChicks, CryptoCamp and have contributed to the launch of NFT projects for celebrities such as Doja Cat and Steve Aoki.

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About Catamaran Guru

Catamaran Guru operates a three-pronged approach to supporting catamaran owners:

Sailing Community: an active sailing community through social media and in-person events such as the annual Catamaran Rendezvous, which is open to all catamaran owners. 

Charter Program Specialists: Catamaran Guru has more Crewed Yachts operating successfully in business programs than any other charter company. 

Catamaran Brokerage: Catamaran Guru offers help and advice to prospective and existing catamaran owners about boat selection. 

Sailing Education: The sailing academy is an accredited RYA training center that offers sailing education with globally recognized and respected certifications.


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