How We Came to Be Liveaboards with Catamaran Guru™'s Help

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by David Knight, Lagoon 440, India, Owner & Liveaboard


In all my life I had jumped on a Hobie Cat maybe a handful of times and took a dinghy sailing course with the Royal Navy when I was a teenager.

Yet I had always had a dream that when I retired, I would quit the rat race, sell everything and sail a beautiful yacht around the Caribbean. 

When I met the love of my life online just over three years ago, one of our first email conversations was about that dream since Dara had both sailed extensively and lived in the Caribbean.

I didn’t really think it would happen; it was more a commonality, among many, that brought us together.



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Bali 54 foredeck

Bali 5.4 North American Debut

The U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis is just around the corner and the display of award-winning new model catamarans is more impressive than ever. Come to Dock D to speak with us and step aboard the Bali 5.4.

We'll be offering tours of the Bali 5.4 and pointing out all the things we love since we recently bought a Bali 5.4 for our new home and office

In addition to the highly anticipated Bali 5.4, we will have the entire range of Bali, Lagoon and Fountaine Pajot catamarans on display for your viewing!

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Being a Part of the Abacos Recovery

Hurricane DorianEven with more images and videos appearing daily of the fate of the Abacos from Hurricane Dorian's wrath, it remains hard to fathom the statistics. The New York Times published some compelling before and after images of popular Bahamas destinations. According to the Red Cross, ~13,000 homes roughly ~45% of the homes on Grand Bahama and in the Abacos are severely damaged or virtually razed. 60,000 Bahamanians need clean water and food. And they will need it for a long time.

While airports are opening up and harbors are starting to clear with fueling options surfacing, it is still a challenge to provide the relief needed, especially if you are an individual. Not only is it more effort to get goods you purchased to where they need to be, but also larger organizations can make donated money to further by purchasing in bulk and only purchasing what will be used. And, over time, needs will change. Right now, recovery work and getting the much-needed basics for survival are the focus. Later, it will be resources to rebuild. So by donating money rather than your time and personal effort during this chaotic period, you will be doubly helping.

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2019 Catamaran Guru™ Rendezvous Roundup

CG sandThe second annual Catamaran Guru™ Rendezvous was a smashing success with more than 30 Catamaran Guru™ Rendezvous in the Abacos 2019catamarans of varying makes and models (Lagoon, Leopard, Bali, Prout, FP, Nautitech, etc.) and 100+ sailors in attendance! Every rendezvous participant enjoyed 4 days of workshops, parties, sailing, and cameraderie. Enjoy the videos and pictures below to see all the fun, sun & sailing!

One of our objectives was to host a non-commercial rendezvous for strengthening the catamaran sailing community and for everybody to enjoy their boats and fellow sailors, no matter the brand, size or age of the cat. We definitely did that and made friends far and wide! Our second objective was for boat owners to be able to swap ideas and tips about their particular catamaran brands and models and get the opportunity to tour each other's catamarans in a relaxed atmosphere. After all, this is the biggest showroom for catamarans on the water, anywhere!

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What are the Financial, Tax and Business Benefits of Boat Ownership in a Business Program?

Boat as a business programsOne of the more popular charter programs is known as the Performance Program. Most savvy yacht buyers understand that there is a completely legitimate way to significantly reduce the costs of yacht ownership by making use of existing tax laws to generate tax advantages. If you are an American tax-payer, you may be eligible for significant tax benefits through our active yacht ownership program. 


By placing a yacht into a corporation and running it as a small business one can generate income through chartering to cover the expenses and allow you to take advantage of tax programs and depreciation to significantly offset the cost of ownership. 

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