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I love the ocean and its creatures and I hope that it will be preserved and sustained for many generations to come. I have had the pleasure to live on the ocean for many years and the rhythm of the everchanging sea has left its delicate, but indelible impression on my life forever. I am thankful for the privelege and I therefore hope to help make even a very small contribution towards the preservation of our oceans.

I would like you to join me in keeping the oceans free of plastic. Please consider the unending damage plastic can do and use it sparingly. I am not against the use of plastic but I am against polluting our oceans with plastic. So, even small changes in our behaviour, like using reusable cups, shopping bags, and water bottles can have a huge impact...but remember, this will only make a difference if you reuse it a lot!

Together we can make a difference! --Estelle

Recycling: Did You Know That Cans Are Coated In Plastic?

This in from Suzanne from

Recycling aluminum cans"What doesn't belong in the picture? ??. 

The can... But it sinks and is made from natural materials, right? This thought has resulted in many cans being thrown overboard. But did you know that nearly all cans (aluminium and tin) are printed with ink and are coated with a type of plastic on the inside for food and drink preservation? Also cans are much more valuable on land than at the bottom of the sea. It is an easy material to recycle and it doesn’t take many resources to process aluminium into new cans, containers, or maybe even a boat! It does take a lot of resources to extract new raw materials from the earth and to clean up the enviromental devastation from littering.

Considering the critical state the ocean is in. Items that do not come from the sea should not be tossed in ?? #Vieques #PuertoRico

And here a little canned video from previous explorations??"

I had absolutely no idea! Thanks to Suzanne, I pledge to never toss an aluminum can overboard!


Celebrate World Oceans Day: Make A Promise

world oceans dayThe theme for World Oceans Day for 2015 is "healthy oceans, healthy planet". As avid sailors, lucky enough to see the ocean almost daily, we want to encourage fellow sailors to take care of the oceans we all love. We can all do something to protect our oceans, no matter how small! Our pledge here at Catamaran Guru™ is to minimize the use of plastic in our daily lives. Join us and the rest of the world and make the promise to protect and conserve our oceans or make the pledge to use eco-friendly options to plastic, especially bags.

"Together let's ensure oceans can sustain us into the future. Let us reflect on the multiple benefits of the oceans. Let us commit to keep them healthy and productive and to use their resources peacefully, equitably and sustainably for the benefit of current and future generations."

- Ban Ki-Moon

Interesting Facts About Our Oceans

1. Oceans cover three quarters of the Earth's surface, contain 97 percent of the Earth's water, and represent 99 percent of the living space on the planet by volume. To date only a little over 1 percent of the ocean is protected.

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Say "No" To Plastic

Our oceans and its wildlife are suffering because of the choices we make as consumers. Join Catamaran Guru™ in saying no to plastic bags as well as bottles. Use sustainable strategies such as paper and cloth bags and reusing metal or glass bottles. 

island dock Travel Sustainably

As a traveller, you can do a lot to help ensure that tourism remains a positive experience for travellers and hosts alike. The following guidelines offer suggestions for low-impact and culturally sensitive travel:

Respect Cultural Differences

Local customs and traditions may be different from our own. Take the time to learn what behavior is acceptable and what isn't. For example, when entering temples in Asia, wear long pants or skirts and keep your shoulders covered.

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Plastic Water Bottles: Floating Killers of the Oceans

Anyone who knows me, will know that I detest plastic water bottles. Sadly, even I sometimes succumb to the convenience of the grab-n-go water bottle and I have to remind myself sometimes of these floating killers in our oceans. I am by no means a rabid environmentalist but we all know this is a problem and it needs to be addressed and that is why I post this article from NPR.

- Estelle

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