Recycling: Did You Know That Cans Are Coated In Plastic?

This in from Suzanne from

Recycling aluminum cansWhat doesn’t belong in the picture???

The can…but it sinks and is made from natural materials, right? This thought has resulted in many cans being thrown overboard. But did you know that nearly all cans (aluminum and tin) are printed with ink and are coated with a type of plastic on the inside for food and drink preservation? Also cans are much more valuable on land than at the bottom of the sea. It is an easy material to recycle and it doesn’t take many resources to process aluminum into new cans, containers, or maybe even a boat! It does take a lot of resources to extract new raw materials from the earth and to clean up the environmental devastation from littering.

Considering the critical state the ocean is in. Items that do not come from the sea should not be tossed in ?? #Vieques #PuertoRico

I had absolutely no idea! Thanks to Suzanne, I pledge to never toss an aluminum can overboard!



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