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I love the ocean and its creatures and I hope that it will be preserved and sustained for many generations to come. I have had the pleasure to live on the ocean for many years and the rhythm of the ever-changing sea has left its delicate, but indelible impression on my life forever. I am thankful for the privilege and I therefore hope to help make even a very small contribution towards the preservation of our oceans.

I would like you to join me in keeping the oceans free of plastic. Please consider the unending damage plastic can do and use it sparingly. I am not against the use of plastic but I am against polluting our oceans with plastic. So, even small changes in our behavior, like using reusable cups, shopping bags, and water bottles can have a huge impact…but remember, this will only make a difference if you reuse it a lot!

Together we can make a difference! –Estelle


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