Catamaran Guru Join Sailing Rally from Key West to Cuba

Sailing Rally To Cuba With Cruising World

Key West to Cuba Cruising World Sailing RallyWe will be joining the Cruising World sailing rally from Key West to Cuba on March 30, 2017. The sailing rally heads to Marina Hemingway in Havana with almost 60 boats. Commodore Escrich of the Hemingway International Yacht Club will host the rally participants with a tour of Old Havana and a Parade of Yachts along the Malecon into the harbor. The rally wraps up on April 8th after the return sail to Key West.

Stephen and I made a trip to Cuba in 1999 then as South African citizens. Cuba is a fascinating place full of contradictions, not only because it’s still one of the few stalwart communist vestiges, but also, for its rich culture and elegant, but fast decaying beauty. We are eager to explore Cuba 20 years later on this historic visit! We are super excited! Read here some Interesting facts about Cuba.

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