Boat Partnerships: Sharing The Financial Burden

Bali 4.3 is a perfect boat for a boat partnership between 2 familiesBuying a boat with a partner is becoming more popular in part because yacht charter companies allow more generous “owner’s use” as an incentive. So multiple families can each enjoy 2-4 cruising weeks per year, which is often more than most people can use annually. Another reason yacht partnerships are desirable is that the financial burden is shared. This makes ownership available to a much broader number of people interested in owning and using a yacht. .

But with the benefits, comes risks. Even owning a boat with family or your best friends can be riddled with pitfalls. That is why you need a rock solid contract establishing the exact rules, responsibilities, financial commitments, and owners’ use among the partners.

A good contract created by an experience yacht broker is the secret to enjoying your boat, reaping all the benefits of the yachtshare arrangement, and keeping a happy friendship and smooth partnership!

Be a Boat Partnership Owner

Do not be intimated by the potential challenges, but rather work with an experience boat partnership broker to create a comprehensive fractional ownership contract to mitigate risks and realize your boat ownership dream.

Working with us can put you in that very situation for moving forward sooner than you thought you could with your sailing dreams. We not only can help you find the right boat and develop a boat partnership contract adapted to your personal situation, but we also can help you find partners. Our system assures anonymity of partners and provides equal benefits among the partners. Plus, working with us as brokers costs you nothing as the seller pays the commission. So you’ve nothing to lose to find out more to gain confidence that a boat partnership is the right way for your to own your luxury yacht.

With our concierge-level yacht brokerage service, we’ve helped hundreds of boat buyers find the right yachtshare situation and create the contract that works for them.

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