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Lagoon 77 sternIn the world of large sailing multihulls, boats like “Hemisphere” the world’s largest catamaran and
McConaghy’s Trimaran, the 140ft “Adastra”, still rule the big catamaran market. Any other large multihulls have a steep hill to climb to compete. However, we have seen more interesting large catamaran designs come to market lately like the Lagoon Seventy7, Sunreef 68, Privilège Serie 8, and Catana 70.Adastra

Sailing catamarans in the above-50ft range are a rare commodity on the global market and are more often custom designs for a particular owner.

Lagoon, Catana, and Fountaine Pajot have each tested the waters in this market and have had varying degrees of success. We have seen first-hand how the market is reacting to these large cats, because we have sold many of them including two of the new Lagoon Seventy7 so far!

Catana’s 70-ft cat, the FP Ipanema 58, and Lagoon’s 620 have all been well received by our clients and are generally very successful catamarans. However, Lagoon has topped this market in 2016 with their latest offering, the Lagoon Seventy7.

During the launch of the Lagoon Seventy7 at the Cannes Festival of Yachting, we all knew that this boat is an extraordinary catamaran and our sales proved that beyond any Hemispheredoubt! At a whopping $4,500,000 price tag, there is a waiting list for this boat like that of a rare sports car and one can see why when you take the tour!

The Seventy7 is built by sailing superyacht experts CNB-Lagoon in Bordeaux and designed by the illustrious design team, VPLP, Patrick Le Quément and Nauta Design. No doubt it’s an luxurious super-catamaran but even so, it has elegant and graceful lines and appears to sail well even in a gentle breeze.

Check out the walk-through video of the Lagoon Seventy7

The Lagoon Seventy7 will make its U.S debut at the Miami Boat Show on February 16-20, 2017!

Buying A BIG Catamaran? Get Your Personal Representation!

Choose your yacht broker wisely. After a house, the purchase of a large sailing catamaran is probably one of the biggest investments a boat buyer will make in their lifetime. So it makes sense to ensure that they have the very best representation. Brokers come free to the buyer, so find a knowledgeable yacht broker who knows the product, understands the industry, and can advise on ALL components of the transaction.

Catamaran buying and boat ownership should be a pleasure, not a nightmarish experience. Your yacht broker should be able to consult, advise, and educate you, not pressure you to buy.

You should feel like a valued client and insist on superior service!

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