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catamaran sailing school and liveaboard training

ASA sailing school & Live-Aboard Instructors

A catamaran sailing school was unheard of years ago. In the early days of Catamaran Guru, catamaran experts, Stephen & Estelle Cockcroft kept their cruising kitty going by teaching American Sailing Association courses and offered liveaboard orientation experiences aboard their monohull and later their catamarans. They know by experience that a liveaboard seaschool is the best way to learn to sail.

Though no longer offering instruction or liveaboard orientation experiences themselves, their passion to help others follow their nautical dreams of yacht ownership has kept them involved in sail training and hands-on cruising lifestyle experiences.

Why catamaran sailing school is important

The ASA sail training courses provide a good grounding for all new sailors and advanced courses increase competency and confidence. While learning to sail monohulls will provide many useful basics of sailing knowledge, instruction aboard a catamaran, and even better aboard your catamaran or a similar model is the best possible scenario.

Getting yacht insurance, especially a policy you can afford, requires proven related boating experience. The only way to get that experience safely is with a catamaran sailing school that offers liveaboard hands-on experiences.

Another vital role sea school plays for cruisers is getting the enthusiasm and confidence of the first mate up. While not always the case, often one partner in a sailing duo is the driving force of the cruising life dream while the other is often reluctant. Here are our tips on overcoming the reluctance of a catamaran cruising partner.

The top tip is to participate in a liveaboard experience with a seaschool even before you buy a boat. 

couples are living their sailing dreams

Weeklong liveaboard sailing school is invaluable for anyone who plans to own their own boat, but especially those who plan to be full-time cruisers. During these hands-on sailing experiences, your seaschool instructor combines our real-life practical methods with the most up-to-date sailing theory courses. These experiences set you up to enjoy a stress-free cruising lifestyle. Especially when you can train aboard your own boat, you can become comfortable with your equipment and configurations for operation and safety.

You not only learn how to be a team as you sail, anchor, trim sails, and navigate safely from point A to point B, you also get your questions answered by experienced liveaboard sailors about how to downsize, provision for long cruises, and mostly, how to enjoy watching the sunset in a gorgeous anchorage with your favorite beverage in hand.


Sail With Us to Learn

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Week-Long Liveaboard Courses
Rare RYA Classes & Certifications

Catamaran Guru’s real-life practical methods combined with up-to-date sailing theory in lessons aboard recent model catamarans…or your own boat! 

Prepare for certifications or take the first step aboard to embark on your dream life of boat ownership or cruising

Classes in S Florida and the Bahamas.

Our Seaschool Students Excel As Sailors & Cruisers

We are very proud of our former seaschool students. Most of them have embraced yachting, sailing, and cruising in some way or another. Many of our graduates have successfully own their own boats. Some are long-term cruisers or charter boat owners and some have even done successful circumnavigations. Others have done long-term sabbaticals and several liveaboard school graduates have even moved on to successful careers in the marine industry as yacht brokers, charter yacht operators, and charter management.

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