46-47ft Catamaran Models Comparisons

Here’s our latest 46-47 foot catamaran comparison. We compare the 2020 catamaran models so you can see side-by-side specifications, dimensions, deck plans, cabin layouts, sailplans, and pricing on the most popular 46-ft catamarans in 2020. The Bali 4.6, Lagoon 46, and FP Saona 47 sport similar price range and dimensions, but each offers major differences that are key to understand when selecting your dream yacht for a charter business, living aboard, or cruising.

Let’s compare apples to apples to see how these 2020 catamarans match up.

46-47 Ft Catamaran Model Specifications

46-47 ft Catamaran Deck Layout Comparisons

46-47 ft Catamaran Flybridge Layout Comparison

46-47 ft Catamaran Sail Plan Comparisons

46-47ft Catamaran Cabin Layouts Comparisons

3-Cabin Layout

4-Cabin Layout

5-Cabin Layout

Price Lists & Detailed Specifications

For more information, price lists, specifications, or available charter programs, contact us to discuss or view these catamaran models.


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