42ft Catamaran Comparisons & New Fountaine Pajot 42

UPDATE: We are always touring, conducting sea trials, and evaluating new catamaran models. Check out our newer 42ft catamaran model comparison.

FP 42We are about to head out to the International Multihull Boat Show in La Grande Motte, France on April 18 – 22, 2018 to view the newly launched Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42, among other catamarans.

It is a much anticipated model in the Fountaine Pajot range and is has all the great features of the hugely popular Saona 47.

It is a very good-looking catamaran with the typical new Fountaine Pajot features like the semi-flybridge with easy access to the boom, an electric dinghy platform, coffee table and deep comfortable seating in the salon and cockpit. It looks like it will be another hit from Fountaine Pajot catamaran builders! We are super excited to be at the unveiling of this catamaran model in France and we will report back with a video walk-through! Join Us in France to view the NEW FP 42!

Contact Us for specifications and pricing of the NEW Fountaine Pajot Astréa 42 in the yacht as a business tax program or yacht charter management with a guaranteed monthly income and worldwide sailing!

42-ft Catamaran Comparisons 

While we are on the 42-ft catamaran subject, we decided to do a quick comparison of the three 42-ft French catamaran brands, the Bali 4.3 Loft, the Fountaine Pajot Astréa 42 and the Lagoon 42. There are several major differences in these catamarans and initially, this is how they match up.

42ft catamarans comparison

bali 4.3 loft catamaran


Interior Comparison of 42ft Catamarans

  • The Bali 4.3 Loft (interior pictured at right) has an open platform and the indoor living space becomes an all-in-one indoor/outdoor area once the “garage door” lifts up into the ceiling. The convertible door is a unique feature and, when open, makes it look like a much bigger catamaran. The cabins are adequate but the bathrooms are smaller with wet heads, which can be a deal breaker for some.
  • The Fountaine Pajot Astréa 42 is plush and comfortable with a well-appointed galley and sliding doors that open the salon up to the very big cockpit. The cabins are nice as expected and spacious with island beds.
  • The Lagoon 42 is also well-appointed and comfortable with an even bigger cockpit but has the mast centered in the salon. This could be a make-or-break situation for some, but for the most part it doesn’t seem to bother the people who own them. The cabins are a very nice size with island beds and ample storage.

Exterior Comparison of 42-ft Catamarans

  • Lagoon 42The Bali 4.3 Loft has a flybridge and going up to the helm could be a little precarious but the boat performs very well. It is well built with foam core construction and is therefore light and responsive in light breezes. The solid foredeck still seem to bother some but it really is not a negative on this boat. You can read more about the controversial Bali solid foredeck.
  • The FP 42 has the semi-flybridge with very easy access to the coachroof and boom. It is a safe boat to sail for a couple and if it is anything like the Helia 44 or Lucia 40, it will perform well. The FP has by far the most sail area. The optional dinghy platform is a nice feature.
  • The Lagoon 42 is similarly well appointed with a semi-flybridge, a very nice helm station and easy access to the coachroof. The major difference with this Lagoon is the mast that is set very far aft, thus the mast position in the salon. With the boom further aft, the boom is shorter, but it has a high aspect mainsail with a squaretop providing good sail area aloft. Having said that, we think that the Lagoon 42 needs more sail area and adding a Screecher or Asymmetrical to your suit of sails, would be well advised. Read more about the Lagoon 42.

Other Observations About 42-ft Catamarans

  • The Bali 4.3 is almost $100,000 more expensive than the other catamarans.
  • The Fountaine Pajot 42 engines are small.
  • The Lagoon 42 water tanks could be an issue. The option is one 300L water tank if you choose a generator and watermaker – not ideal, but workable.
  • The styling of these catamarans is very different. The FPs are plush, comfortable, and modern. The Lagoon on the other hand is bigger in volume and the styling is user-friendly, but slightly more masculine while the Bali has a very sporty look and has gone completely modern and minimalist.
  • Looking at the specifications, the performance of these catamarans should be very evenly matched, even though the salespeople of the different brands would like to convince you otherwise. If you are not sure, read this article on catamaran performance.

* These prices quoted here are approximate and can change at any time. 

Fountaine Pajot 42 Video

YouTube video

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Join Us at the International Multihull Boat Show in La Grande Motte, France on April 18 – 22, 2018.

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