Is pandemic-fueled yacht sellers market tacking?

how to buy a yachtThe 3-year seller-dominated used boat market where inventory was snapped up overnight at or above listing price (and many before they were ever listed!) has cooled slightly during the first half of 2023.

For those whose dreams of yacht buying have been dashed by elevated prices and loss to bidding wars, the yacht brokerage market is opening up! As 2023 heats up in the Northern Hemisphere, the cooling yacht market is seeing boats on the market longer and occasional price reductions announced with few selling at list price. 

We are getting more popular and sought-after catamaran models on the market regularly from sellers. In the grand scheme of things catamarans are still selling relatively quickly, provided they are in good condition and priced right. There are still many hungry boat buyers who have been waiting years that are perched, ready to pounce on high quality, very popular models.

But it’s only a matter of time to get your catamaran sold fast if you are on a timeline. Of course there are exceptions, especially for the models of smaller manufacturers with limited availability. Those models are still in demand but the market for the production catamarans like Leopard, Lagoon, Bali and FP, have opened up and there are some good buys!

The bottom line is, the market is softer, interest rates are higher and mortgages are harder to get. Fortunately we have a good relationship with the lenders and our clients usually get a more personal experience. They usually have a much better chance of getting a loan than someone who sends in an on-line application. Having said all that, the catamaran will sell if it meets the following criteria
  • it is priced right!
  • it is a desirable model i.e. Lagoon 42 or Lagoon 450, Lagoon 380 or Leopard 45, Leopard 48 or Leopard 46 etc.
  • is in good condition and well maintained
  • has an owner’s layout and all the amenities like Aircon, generator, watermaker etc
  • is easily accessible to show i.e. in Annapolis or Fort Lauderdale

Our team of experts are ready to give you a free catamaran valuation

Our team is ready to do a valuation of your catamaran and discuss a marketing strategy to sell your boat fast! We will guide you through the process and carry the sale to completion. We are very good at what we do; we do the showings, the negotiation, coordinate surveys, finance, insurance and possibly refitting services. We help reduce your risks by facilitating the sale of your catamaran. Read our “Tips To Help Make Your Catamaran Sell Fast”


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