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Why We Created The Yacht Exchange

There are about 15,000+ charter boats worldwide. These boats are scattered all over the world in Australia, Croatia, Thailand, Key West, Fiji, Bahamas, Greece, Seychelles and more! And mostly the boat owners are happy to sail their own vessels in the location that they chose to base their boat in, like the BVI, but occasionally they might want to try a different location on a different boat. It is just typical of the adventurous spirit of sailors—they want to explore!

So, it is not surprising that one of the most asked questions that we get from our own owners is: “…are there other owners out there in other locations interested in swapping?” The answer is yes! But there is no central and safe way to communicate and swap information and owner weeks with other charter boat owners.

While the bigger charter companies like The Moorings and Dream Yacht Charter already have such reciprocal time for their owners, the smaller charter companies do not. So, we figured out a way to accommodate our boat owners from both big and small charter management companies, to be able to swap owner time on boats easily.

We are always looking for ways to better connect our members, so we felt that The Yacht Exchange is a great fit. Chartering your yacht offers so many benefits, from offsetting the cost of ownership to tax advantages to meeting other like-minded adventure seekers.

Now, with The Yacht Exchange you can sail worldwide for FREE! Subscribe at this low introductory price and try it out. We would love to get your feedback!

learn more about the Yacht exchange in this video


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