Yacht Maintenance – what should be serviced when?

    • Regular servicing and proper maintenance is essential to keep the systems trouble free. We recommend the following annually:


Haul-out and Antifouling100 5778

    • Sail Drive Service (per manufacturers recommendations)
    • Hull and Deck Polishing
    • Rigging check and tune 
    • Seacock condition and operation
    • Steering System Inspection
    • Keel Bolt Inspection – if applicable
    • Cathodic Protection
    • Anchor Winch Service
  • Sheet Winch Service
  • Toilet System Service
  • Battery Test
  • LPG System Check

            In Addition we recommend:

  • Stainless Steel Polish every 6 months
  • Teak maintenance and cleaning every 3 months
  • Oil Change at least every 150 hours

Our service team can help you work out a yacht service schedule that’s perfect for you.

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