Wonderbag: Insulated Cooking Revolution

Wonderbag is a Cooking Revolution and A Cause We Support, Will You?

Wonderbag works on the same principles as other insulation cooking methods. See what it is and wonderbaghow it works in the video at right. It’s made in South Africa and is a mobile and modern version of a slowcooker made with recycled insulation material. It reduces cooking fuel consumption and frees up time for other activities. Plus, no more burned food!

The £80 price includes postage and donation of a bag to a family in need in Africa, where its use reduces disease caused by indoor log fire cooking and frees up time for other household duties or for producing income for the family. When you understand the benefits of using a Wonderbag – both socially and environmentally (see the Wonderbag website). I hope you will support this worthy product!


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