The Dueling Forties: The 40ft Catamaran Lineup For 2016

40ft catamaransThe 2015 / 2016 yacht buying season unquestionably belongs to the 40ft catamaran. There are several reasons for this popularity. The old 40ft Island Spirits, Admiral 40’s, Leopard 40’s, and others were highly successful cats, but are no longer manufactured. Their departure from the market left a big void in this size range for several years. Fountaine Pajot, Lagoon, Leopard, and Catana pounced on the opportunity to create new innovative, well-built 40ft cruising catamarans.

Modern Catamaran Construction Enables Comfy Size and Space

Thanks to modern building techniques and construction materials, most modern 40ft catamarans are big enough in volume to be a very comfortable “home”. They sport all the amenities of a much larger boat such as an icemaker, washing machine, bigger fridge/freezer capacity, and wide open spaces.

Technology and clever innovations have made these catamarans not only more comfortable, livable, and safer, but also has kept the overall boat length smaller making it easy to sail and handle by a sailing couple. Plus, with the smaller overall size, these 40ft catamarans are affordable which is very attractive for live aboard cruising couples or young families as an entry level boat. These catamarans’ affordability also makes them the perfect platform for the family to spend a few weeks per year on vacation without breaking the bank.

The 40ft catamaran will always be in demand in the used catamaran market. So their value will hold making it easier to sell to upgrade to a bigger catamaran. The new 40ft catamarans just makes sense:

  • They are affordable for live-aboards or family vacationers and weekenders.
  • They are easy to handle for two people.
  • They have all the comfort amenities of larger boats.
  • They hold their value.

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New 2016 40Ft Catamaran Contenders

The four main production catamaran contenders in 2016 for live aboard couples are the new

Stephen and I are set to go to the 2015 Paris Boat Show for the unveiling of the FP40 and Bali 4.0 in early December. We will also get a preview of the Lagoon 42 that will debut at the 2016 Dusseldorf Show in Germany. We plan to visit the factories to document the manufacturing process and meet the designers of all three of these models. That will give us some more insight into what the builders intended with the new designs and the sailing abilities of these cats. We will report back before the Miami boat show where you will be able to view both the Bali 4.0 and FP40 in February 2016. So, before you make a choice, check in with us to find out how these 40ft catamarans stack up.

Which Is Your Favorite 40ft Catamaran?

So many to choose from in this new 40ft catamaran market: Fountaine Pajot 40, Bali 4.0, Lagoon 42, Alpha 42, Lagoon 40, Nautitech 40. Which is your favorite and why?


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