That Is Why We Sail…

That Is Why We Sail…


We are often asked why we sail. The answer is rather obvious when looking at these pictures taken during one of our sojourns to the British Virgin Islands. They are quite simply idyllic. However, the draw of sailing goes beyond the obvious discovery of remote islands, azure blue seas, and white sandy beaches. The love of sailing answers our need to find adventure and freedom, the thrill of the discovery, testing our mettle by pitting ourselves against the elements, and living on the edge a lot of the time. It is exciting and invigorating.

It soothes the soul, challenges our fears, transforms our lives, and fuels our need to discover. It captures the person wanting to end a day in a pristine cove, resplendent with the pink, orange, and red hues of a stunning sunset, savoring the calm and solitude. But the most important and universal thing that all sailors seek is freedom. The absolute freedom that sailing gives us cannot be matched by any other way of life. That call to freedom stretches beyond the horizon.

Lagoon 62

It beckons the sailor to test their abilities, calls for them to shed the need for security and feed the restless soul. It quiets the yearning for new horizons and nowhere else can you get that amazing sense of complete abandon. Being a speck on the endless ocean, completely at the mercy of nature, alone with one’s thoughts under a star-filled sky, fills one with humility and serenity and allows the freedom to follow your dreams.

But make no mistake, all the clichéd descriptions of these pictures are exactly the right descriptions of the idyllic nature of this lifestyle. The feeling of complete harmony and tranquility is unequaled. That is why we sail…

Clear blue skies and crystal clear water.


Soft, golden sandy beaches.


The ocean spreads towards the horizon in beautiful shades of blue, orange and indigo.

Catamarans on the beach

Gentle waves, soft white sand.


The sun brushes a soft pink hue over eveything before it says goodnight.


 …enjoying the simple pleasures of paradise.


Blood-orange and pink hued sunsets.

Catamarans in paradise

 We are enchanted by the magical beauty of these islands.


As the cliché goes, The BVI is a tropical paradise. We are enchanted by the magical beauty of these islands.


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