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We recently received a letter from a Mom of a teenage boy who seemed to struggle to find a hobby or activity that interests him. It was trough doing a project about the British Navy that he discovered sailing and ultimately landed on our website where he browsed through various articles about sailing etiquette, knots etc. He now is a Catamaran Guru fan and his Mom says, “Thanks for encouraging Adam’s interest in the high seas! He learned quite a bit about sea-faring and ship building. It really got him hooked on sailing! He’s been doing quite a bit of research during his computer free time- he had mentioned your page a few times, and I thought you’d be glad to hear!”. 

Yes! We are very happy to hear that we encourage the younger generation to sail! In fact, in 2018 we hosted the first annual Catamaran Guru Rendezvous. It was not only a lot of fun, but a raffle of exciting sailing-related items helped raise funds for the Hope Town Junior Sailing program. We were thrilled to have a representative join our costume party at Sea Spray Resort & Marina in Elbow Cay so we could give them the big check (literally and financially) in person. 


The 2019 Rendezvous is on and we will be once again supporting the Hope Town Junior Sailing Club and the youth sailing programs of the Palm Beach Sailing Club.

The folks below were the 2018 Rendezvous attendees who made the significant donation to the Hope Town Junior Sailing programs possible. 

Rendezvous group

At the 2019 Catamaran Guru All-Catamaran Rendezvous, we will once again support youth sailing…this time we will again donate to the Hope Town group and to the youth sailnig programs at the Palm Beach Sailing Club.

Hope Town Junior Sailing Club

We enjoyed getting to know this dedicated group of volunteers and were excited to learn about all that they do in support and foster the love of sailng with kids in the community. Through summer camps and racing events, kids of all ages get to experience the sport of sailing and build skills and confidence. This group of volunteers also helped us by setting a course for our low-competition, high-fun “Rendezvous Race” with our diverse variety of catamaran makes and models. 

With last year’s donation, they have been able to keep the program on an even keel providing opportunities for learning new sailing skills and trying them out. Below are a few pictures to show you what they are all about.

Youth Sailing at Palm Beach Sailing Club

This club is also dedicated to youth sailing at all levels with a special focus on racing. They believe, and we agree that sailing offers unique opportunities for personal growth and enrichment. Like the Hope Town club, the youth sailing programs at the Palm Beach Sailing Club are driven by well-qualified instructors and coaches who are completely dedicated to the kids learning sailing and having fun.

They hold races at all levels, from eight-year-old Opti racers up through college sailing teams. The racing gives the budding sailors opportunities to refine sailing skills learned at camps and to really learn how a sailboat works. 

Join us at the next Rendezvous to be a part of support youth sailing!


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