September Yacht Sales Down

Yacht Sales Slip in September 2011 Report

October 23, 2011

Source: John Burnham,

After several months in which the high value of yacht sales drove the overall U.S. yacht brokerage market higher, sales in September 2011 indicated a cooling-off period. Both total value of sales and the number of boats sold slipped 5% compared to September 2010, according to member brokerages of reporting in With 2,140 boats sold, a total sales value of $197 million was reported.

Powerboat sales declined 5%, from 1,827 boats to 1,731, while sailboat sales fell 3%, from 423 boats to 410. The value of powerboat sales was down 4%, to $171 million; sailboat sales took a bigger hit, dropping close to 9% to $26 million.

Unit sales were down in every size category, led by all boats over 46′ long; a total of 169 boats that size were sold, a decrease of 14%. The smallest category of boats, under 26 feet, declined the least, with sales of 634 boats, down 1%.

For the first three quarters of 2011, the biggest change from 2010 remains the strength of total value of big-boat sales. Unit sales were up incrementally for bigger boats and down incrementally for smaller boats. In terms of valuation of sales, smaller sizes showed small declines, and boats 46 to 55 feet were 3 percent higher, with sales of $353 million. However, boats over 55′ have sold for much more, $1.05 billion compared to $732 million in the same time period a year ago.

yacht sales report september 2011


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