Seatrial: Lagoon 440

lagoon 440 though no longer in production remains popular with charterers and used catamaran buyersThe Lagoon 440 is chartered in fleets all over the world and remains one of the most popular catamarans in its size range. Though the Lagoon 440 is no longer in production, they are very popular amongst the charter community and a favorite on the pre-owned catamaran market, particularly the 3-cabin version which is very rare. They get snapped up the minute they go on the market by private owners looking to go cruising. For those reasons we decided to point our readers to this the article, Seatrial: Lagoon 440 by If you are ready to book a charter or are looking to buy a Lagoon 440, this is a must read article. It contains lots of information about accommodations, sailing ability and handling.

View this video of the Lagoon 440.

We have sold a number of Lagoon 440s over the years into charter and to private owners and know these catamarans well.

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