Rare Opportunity! FP Isla 40 Available For 2021 Business Program

2021 Fountaine Pajot Isla 40 owners version

  •  Owners version fully equipped
  • Complete charter pack with dinghy
  • Premier charter fleet in BVI
  • Guaranteed delivery for 2021 tax year
  • Length: 11.93 m (39’2”)
  • Beam: 6.63 m (21’9”)
  • Draft: 1.21 m (4’)
  • Price upon Request

Picture courtesy Fountaine Pajot

The FP Isla 40 is a very desirable live aboard catamaran for a couple and they are hard to come by. We were lucky to find one available for the 2021 tax year! We have had so many requests for this model so, we are excited to pass this offer on to you guys. The boat is available for private ownership or charter but the tax advantages are huge for this model, so this is a great opportunity for a boat as a business program!

what is a boat business program?

This program, when done correctly, offers the least expensive alternative to own a boat!

A yacht or boat business is a fairly simple concept. It is structured much like any other for-profit business. By placing a yacht into a corporation (usually an LLC) and operating it actively for profit, either directly or through a third-party management company, the owner is able to generate substantial tax advantages that further offset the cost of ownership.

The goal is to structure your boat business in such a way that you have the intent and ability to make a profit! 

The tax benefits must be carefully planned and documented to make sure that the business activity can withstand scrutiny. There are very specific rules and requirements that need to be complied with to meet the standard of actively operating a business for profit and taking tax advantages. 

What you CANNOT do, is structure this business with a flawed business plan of “limited charter” and purposely run it at a loss to avoid wear and tear while offsetting the cost of ownership with business tax deductions. You CANNOT “pretend” to be in business! 

For U.S. buyers who are in high income tax brackets, this is definitely an option of ownership that should be explored. 

We specialize in the Boat Business Programs and will help you structure a boat business with a sound business plan to suit your individual financial and personal goals. 

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2 thoughts on “Rare Opportunity! FP Isla 40 Available For 2021 Business Program”

  1. Interested in boat business program for this boat, but not ready to start full-bore for about one year. Want to get everything lined up over time.

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