Proudly American Launched For Independence Day

“Proudly American” Launched For Independence Day

Proudly American US-made sailing and travel product reviewsWe launched our “Proudly American” section this week to celebrate America’s Independence Day. We have lived and worked in the USA for the last 15 years and have been part of the marine industry in one way or another since our arrival. We have been fortunate to make a living here as immigrants and have been embraced by many Americans in their homes and communities. America has been good to us. We would like to give back in some small way.

So, even though we are not isolationists, and we believe that every country has something good to offer, we have decided to use our Catamaran Guru website to catalog as many great American products related to sailing and travel as we possibly can. We are not paid to promote these products. It’s our gift to a generous people. Help us support our manufacturers and make the American industry stronger – We do! And we hope you will share the information you see here with your friends in social media or recommend a product for us to feature!

Happy Independence Day!

We kick the “Proudly American” section off with two products, Walker Bay Dinghy and Sirius Signal SOS Distress Light, that we actually purchased ourselves for our catamaran. Let us know what you think. Below you can suggest an American product for a feature article or browse our Proudly American articles. Enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “Proudly American Launched For Independence Day”

  1. Estelle and Stephen it was fabulous to meet you at the San Diego Boat Show. Thank you for featuring Sirius Signal in your “Proudly American” section. I’m so proud of my dad, Bob Simons, for inventing the SOS Distress Light. His 37 years and my mom’s 15+ years in the Coast Guard Auxiliary adds to their passion for boating and safety for vessels and crew! Thank you for your support. Leah Loyer (The Daughter!)

  2. AAhhhhhh! Please forgive for write the wrong name….I meet to write Estelle! If you us my post please correct it…..We are such a lovely women…so sorry…I lost my brain for a moment. Leah

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