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The new McConaghy 50 Catamaran, launched in January 2018, was designed by a team of highly experienced sailors, engineers and designers. Jason Ker of Ker Yacht Design & Engineering, who was also responsible for last America’s Cup British BAR Racing entry, designed this catamaran. The builder, Mark Evans and his team at McConaghy Boats built some of the most high-tech racing boats and luxury superyachts in the world. The MC50 is the final product of a highly experienced and very enthusiastic design and building team.

Performance: They reckon that the MC50 is capable of cruising speeds very close to wind speed. Controlling the weight of the boat makes for unmatched sailing performance.

The vacuum infusion process with pressed panels of E-glass/epoxy, carbon-hybrid composite foam construction makes the McConaghy 50 lighter than similar length catamarans and is very stiff. similar to the last generation of America’s Cup foiling catamarans, the McConaghy 50’s stiffness and full carbon longeron allows for the elimination of the forward crossbeam, which further lightens the boat.

Daggerboards: The daggerboards have been eliminted and replaced by a simple but highly effective push-button centerboard system. When retracted, the centerboard is completely flush with the hull. When fully deployed, a high aspect draft of nearly 9’ rivals the most efficient windward foils. In case of colision with an underwater obstruction, the centerboards will automatically raise and avoid damage to the hull structure. 

Interior: The McConaghy 50 catamaran is a luxurious yacht with plenty of innovative features. The interior with all-glass aft salon doors and giant sliding side salon windows, opens up completely to the cockpit. It provides for a huge and spacious open platform from the forward windows to the stern platform. The interior of the MC50 is very luxurious and top quality built with the finest woods and hardware. All joinery is custom built and finished to McConaghy Boats high-quality standards under the expert guidance of the interior design team of Design Unlimited. The modern interior is constructed using a mix of hand-painted surfaces and lightweight, exotic wood laminates with soft fabric accents. There are a variety of layouts to choose from.

The highly efficient flybridge, which provides a perfect social gathering space, is also a very highly efficient space for the helmsman from where he/she has full control from one single control station.

McConaghy 50′ Catamaran Specifications

  • Length: 49.2’
  • Max Beam: 26.2’
  • Displacement: 15,5 T
  • Draft Centerboard up/down: 3.3’/8.10’
  • Mast air draft: 85.11’
  • Sail area: 1,614 sqft
  • Standard power: 2 x 57 hp
  • Fuel tanks capacity: 132 gal
  • Water tanks capacity: 132 gal
  • Headroom salon: 6.6’
  • Headroom hulls: 6.6’
  • Designer: Ker Yacht Design
  • Builder: McConaghy Boats
  • Certifications: CE

The McConaghy 50 catamaran will be showcased at Le Grand Motte Show in April 2018

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