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nauticed logoWe have recently been introduced to NauticEd, the world’s most advanced online sailing educators and their certifications are internationally recognized by most charter companies. We taught ASA live-aboard courses for years on our own boat in the Caribbean and Bahamas. I have to say that these interactive multimedia online sailing courses from NauticEd is a great way to learn and it would have made our job so much easier had our students had access to these courses before they started the seaschool. If you want to learn to sail, you can earn the internationally recognized NauticEd sailing certification. It is based on a proprietary algorithm analyzing real practical logged experience, completed online sailing courses and qualified practical instructor sign-off. The Director of Education, Grant Headfin is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, world class sailor and he, as well as the rest of their team are eager to impart their knowledge. Please take a look at their website and try some of the free interactive courses. I’m sure you will enjoy it and learn a lot and that brings me to the electronic navigation course.

We love NauticEd’s Electronic Navigation Course! If you are considering chartering a bareboat or do local or long-distance cruising and you would like to brush up on your navigational skills and technology, then this is the course for you. The Electronic Navigation course is made up of 8 modules covering some of the navigation basics that you should already be familiar with, but may have not thought about in a while. It helps you gain the confidence, working knowledge, and user experience, through various animations, to fully work a chart plotter device and apply to your sailing navigation. It introduces technologies such as AIS, RADAR, and Weather GRIBS and electronic chart overlays. No matter if you are a beginner or a master, we guarantee you’ll learn some really cool high-tech stuff and some essential stuff.

Grant emphasizes that electronic navigation is an aid to the good sailor’s senses but can not replace them. It’s a fantastic value at only $25.

Please let us know about your experience with NauticEd.

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