It’s Yacht Buying / Selling Season!

It’s Time to Buy or Sell a Yacht

time of year to buy and sell yachtsWe have been going gangbusters selling new and used yachts since the beginning of summer. The season started a little earlier than usual, but the deals out there are just crazy! Yacht management companies have thrown so many “great deals” into our basket for new boats through their ownership programs. Of course, there are still pre-owned boat deals and steals.

For instance, Dream Yacht Sales has given us exclusive access to some incredible deals on Catana Catamarans at 55% discount, Lagoon Catamarans (soon to be announced) and Dufours with compelling guaranteed payments and we have heard rumors about unbeatable Beneteau deals coming up in the very near future, just in time for the Annapolis Boat Show.

We have also launched the Island Spirit 38 Charter Version in June 2013 to rave reviews. The Owners Version will be available in the US market by the end of the year at only $295,000 for the first 3 boats sold.

We are excited about the year ahead and so is According to their reports, U.S. brokerages not only sold 3 percent more boats, they sold them for 55 percent higher than the previous year, with a recordsetting May and June. Wonderfull news for buyers and sellers! We will send some promotional materials out in the next few weeks with all the latest deals available, so keep an eye on your inbox.


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